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COVID-19 Update: MSEDP is operational and committed to responding to the needs of our customers.
COVID-19 Update: MSEDP is operational and committed to responding to the needs of our customers.
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Spam Email Protection: 8 Benefits for Business Use

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Spam Email Protection: 8 Benefits for Business Use

February 12, 2024
By Matthew Golda

Emails are very important for any business or corporation, as they are a necessary aspect of daily communication. Even with expanding technologies, the email is still a crucial element to run any business. Emails are leaned on for many important activities, requests and formalizations. With that in mind, it is safe to say that the email is the communication standard for businesses across the world. But with any widely used service, emails have been targeted for malicious attacks against unsuspecting people and companies. These attacks come in the form of unsolicited emails and potentially even phishing scams in an effort to gain sensitive information and data. That is why it is important to have some sort of anti-spam protection in place for your business emails.

Spam emails are an opportunistic method, which means that malicious spam emails are targeting accounts despite knowing that the rate of opening is small. However, due to the prolific rate at which these malicious email campaigns can start, they are a great way to get sensitive data and infiltrate a user's network. But do not be fooled, these targeted attacks can raise the bar to up those click rates by crafting spam emails in order to better entice the recipient from opening it. Some popular methods include creating emails using false senders who are acting as legitimate ones and sending emails embedded with malicious links inquiring about obtaining some sort of information. Hoping the unsuspecting receiver clicks on the email.

Get protected today by utilizing the anti-spam email protection with MSEDP's IT services. We work with companies big and small in order to best protect them from dangerous attacks. We use the latest technology to ensure you are protected effectively. When you turn to MSEDP, you get some key anti-spam benefits to help your network and business avoid malicious emails. Steer clear and be safe from dangerous emails with adequate protection! Let's take a look at those benefits of our spam protection.

Increased Productivity and Email Management

Logging on and checking your emails is a daily routine for many people. However, if you do not have the right protections in place, then this innocuous routine could become a minefield. You may be spending too much time sifting through your emails deleting the spam and unwanted ones. And when you are removing a lot of emails, you could be deleting ones you actually want to open, but miss out because you are speeding through this process to be more productive.

Others may simply leave many of the unwanted emails in their folder and let them pile up over time. This, obviously, is also a clumsy and time-consuming way of handling your emails. Not to mention disorganized. When you have proper spam email protection, you can become more productive as a result. Get better email management today and no longer risk deleting or missing an important one. A properly configured spam email protection will ensure that the legitimate emails will arrive in your mailbox, while stopping unsolicited emails from showing up. Allowing you to spend less time reviewing emails and spending more time working or reading safe emails.

Protection from Phishing Attacks

One of the biggest issues users face with emails are phishing scams. A phishing scam is a common technique that sees malicious users pretending to be another person or organization in order to get privileged and sensitive data. Our spam protection combats phishing scams quickly and efficiently by simply preventing these emails from even reaching your inbox. If these emails do somehow get through, then our protection methods prevent the downloading or installation of anything malicious. And with our IT services at your side, you will always have updated antivirus protection at all times without needing to manage it. Let the pros at MSEDP ably protect you from phishing scams and other malicious attacks.

Email Archiving & Auditing

email filter for inbox and spamWhen more emails are being sent and opened, there is a greater need to have control over them and verifying them appropriately. With effective anti-spam protection, there is the ability to archive and audit all of the emails. This is a great way to deploy anti-spam solutions transparently and without the need for direct user intervention. With archiving, it allows you to retain all emails over any period of time. This allows for easy retrieval and can help to cover any periods when the emails might not be backed up. And in certain occasions, archiving emails might provide regulatory compliance in maintaining certain types of email being held for periods of time required by law. MSEDP can help you get compliant.

Auditing is also a common feature for effective spam email protection. The proper use of auditing can ensure the ability to identify potential abnormalities in the misuse of emails. Whether these emails are for personal purposes or misappropriation of information, auditing is a method to get to the bottom of it. Both incoming and outgoing emails can use auditing. As your email solutions provider, we can have absolute control over the flow of emails and evaluate the level of service.

Access Control By Sender of Recipient

Access control is a complement to auditing, in that it allows you to take actions based on the sender or recipient. For example, you can block the sending or receiving of emails by local users. With proper access control, the company or business can manage which emails or domains its users can receive and send emails to and from. This is an important feature, because many industries have different needs for resource use and the greater the control of the emails, the better the overall security. Our IT team will install these services for you and guide you on how to best use this functionality. And make sure you are getting the most for your money and IT services.

Data Leak Prevention

Data leak prevention is an anti-spam mechanism that performs a deeper inspection of the content of the emails and their attachments, if there are any. In this case, every email that goes through is scoured using a set of patterns in order to identify the suspicious emails. The evaluation checks the email body, the sender, its subject, as well as looking for patterns within attachments. All of this ensures that every email sent and received is checked for malicious content. If there is a suspicion, it will be flagged. And you will see it and be on the lookout for a closer look.

Decentralized Spam Management

When a company has a lot of users, it can lead to a more difficult time in setting up protections. And oftentimes lesser IT companies will centralize spam content, which can be a big mistake. Effective anti-spam email solutions should offer a feature that provides a decentralized management of unsolicited messages. With this method, the user manages all or a partial number of the emails that get marked as spam. Users can check the spam folder in real time and get reports about it, which allows the emails to be released by the click of a button. This "quarantine" feature allows for easier management for administrators, as well as allows the users the independence to manage their spam folders safely. And increasing productivity across the board under all circumstances.

Black & White List Management

It is smart to look at black and white lists as a yes and a no. The black list exists to combat spammers. This is usually a complicated effort, since the nature of unsolicited messages is to trick the user into opening your email and bypass any efforts to thwart it. The proper filters need to be in place to combat this malicious attack. And a white list is a great way to allow legitimate emails to come in easily not marked as spam. All done by basing the sender and other aspects, such as source networks, as legitimate and avoiding communication delays. When you turn to the email solutions and IT team at MSEDP, we will come up with an effective and productive way to set a list up and ensure that all messages marked as legitimate come through in a timely manner and that all marked as spam do not come through at all. Get better organized with your emails with MSEDP!

Cloud-Based Security & Bandwidth Savings

Cloud storage and protection is an underrated aspect of spam protection. With our email protection services, you can ensure your cloud-based email is secure and up-to-date. On top of that, you can save money on bandwidth by utilizing the cloud. And get the same protection from unsolicited emails when you are using our cloud services. In fact, when you turn to MSEDP, there are other cloud services available to help you and your business work together.

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