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COVID-19 Update: MSEDP is operational and committed to responding to the needs of our customers.
COVID-19 Update: MSEDP is operational and committed to responding to the needs of our customers.
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SEO & Indexing FAQs

How Do Search Engines Store Your Pages?

Indexing is a crucial element for SEO. Just because your website can be discovered and crawled by Google does not necessarily mean that it will be stored in their index. The index is where your discovered pages are stored. After a crawler finds a page, the search engine renders it just like a browser would. In the process of doing this, the search engine analyzes the page's contents for engaging and worthwhile information. All of that found information is then stored in its index. And once it is stored, it can be more effectively found by users.

Can I See How Googlebot Crawler Sees My Pages?

Yes, the cached version of your page will reflect a snapshot of the last time that Googlebot crawled it. Google crawls and caches web pages at different frequencies. When your website is more established and well-known, then the site will be crawled more frequently than less-established sites. This is mainly due to an idea of "authority." Google wants to show users websites that have built up the most authority over the years, because they want their users to see the best the internet has to offer.

You can view your cached version of a page by clicking on the drop-down arrow next to the URL in the SERP and choosing "cached." You can also use Google Search Console to check to make sure your web pages are properly indexed. Google Search Console is a great tool for SEO purposes and has many great, free, features to help you improve your website.

Are Pages Ever Removed From Indexing?

Yes, pages can be removed from the index. Here are some of the more notable reasons why a URL might be removed:

  • The URL is returning a "not found" error or a server error. This could be accidental. Perhaps the page was moved and a 301 redirect was not properly set up. Or it can be intentional if the page was deleted and 404ed in order to get it removed from the index.
  • The URL had a noindex meta tag added to it. This tag can be added by site owners to instruct the search engine to omit the page from its index.
  • URL has been manually penalized for violating the search engine's guidelines. So, as a result, the URL was removed from the index.
  • The URL has been blocked from crawling with the addition of a password required before visitors can access the page.

If you believe that a page on your website that was previously in Google's index is no longer showing up on Google or another search engine, then you can use Google's URL inspection tool to learn more about the status of the page. You can also use Fetch as Google, which has a "Request Indexing" feature in order to submit individual URLS to the index. Lastly, as previously mentioned, you can use Google Search Console. Google Search Console has a tool where you can request indexing for a page. You can also inspect the page to see its indexing status first, as well as review all aspects of the page.

Hire MSEDP For SEO Service

Understanding the ins and outs of indexing is crucial to search engine optimization, otherwise called SEO. The pros at MSEDP work on websites on a daily basis and will help you reach your goal by improving your SEO by any means necessary. On top of aiding with the minutiae that is indexing, we also have a capable staff of SEO content writers to help populate your website. Creating clear and engaging content is a great way to improve the indexing factors, as well as a way to improve organic search rankings.

For more information about our SEO services, please reach out to us today. Check out all of our web services.

Our Web Services

MSEDP offers professional SEO services and content writing that you can trust and will get your site seen on Google, while also helping with the overall indexing of the website. We are located on Long Island, New York, but our SEO and web services are available to clients around the country. We are proud to offer a variety of different web services to help your website grow. Whether you need a new website, want to upgrade your existing site, or simply need a service like search engine optimization, MSEDP is there for you! We have affordable packages for all of the services we offer. When you reach out, we will put you in touch with a trusted consultant to get you started!

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