Cloud Computing Services

Get Big-Business Features, Flexibility and Scalability with Lower Upfront Costs

Cloud computing uses the power of the internet to offer businesses greater data capacity or additional applications—usually without major capital investment in hardware, software, floor space or IT personnel. Your business can get greater file storage, faster data processing, safer backup and access to more software with less initial expense using today’s cloud services.

When you choose MSEDP, you are getting reliable cloud backup services. We are a cloud email provider. So you can feel safe and secure with your company's email. And our cloud backup offers some added security for your website. As well as being a place for greater data storage. So please, do not hesitate to reach out to us today for more information about all of our trustworthy IT services!

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More Applications
  • We’ll connect you to Microsoft’s “365” cloud suite, offering global email access as well as online versions of Word, Excel and more.

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More Data Storage
  • MSEDP has partnered with LiveVault for cloud backup systems that give your business greater data storage capacity and security.
More Hosted Services
  • Our partner Rackspace opens up the power of the cloud to host your business website, internet retail store, managed database and more.
Hosted Email Services
  • Partnering with Microsoft 365 and Rackspace we have flexible email solutions for any type of business.
Rather than a single major investment in software that’s installed on your desktops or servers, cloud software resides on the internet and is accessed through a variety of payment options, mostly subscription-based. Applications in the cloud are equipped with the latest software features, which means you can keep your operations up to date without additional spending for upgrades and without major reinvestment when a new generation of a program is introduced. You and your employees can access cloud applications on desktop computers or mobile devices in the office, at home, on the road—wherever you are.
Cloud systems offer high-volume data storage without adding costly servers and drives. Since the data is stored in the cloud, you won’t be wasting valuable square footage on data storage hardware. Our partnership with LiveVault means we can offer several solutions for automated file backup that keep your data safe from disaster and allow for fast retrieval.
Cloud-hosted web sites, databases and e-commerce sites get their power from virtual servers that can handle large amounts of data and traffic. Imagine an internet retail store with unlimited products! Cloud-hosted sites and databases are secure and scalable to your needs.
Email is probably the number 1 most important thing a company needs. So get the most out of email. Sync all your contacts, calendars and emails to every device. We offer MS365 Hosted Exchange or a hybrid Hosted Exchange/IMAP/POP solution by Rackspace if you’re looking to save money. Whatever your budget we have the right solutions for you.
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