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COVID-19 Update: MSEDP is operational and committed to responding to the needs of our customers.
COVID-19 Update: MSEDP is operational and committed to responding to the needs of our customers.
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Types of Firewalls

When it comes to firewalls, there are different types of them available. MSEDP is a trusted firewall reseller and can help you choose the best firewall for your systems. We will thoroughly review your network and employ a plan of action that suits your needs, while encompassing all of the dangers. Here are some of the common types of firewalls on the marketplace.

Proxy Firewall

A proxy firewall is an early type of firewall device that serves as the gateway from one network to another for specific applications. Proxy servers often provide additional functionality, such as content caching and security by preventing direct connections from outside the network. However, by doing so it might impact throughput capabilities and the applications they might be able to support.

Stateful Inspection Firewall

Nowadays, the stateful inspection firewall is considered a "traditional" firewall. This is a firewall that allows or blocks traffic based on port, protocol, and state. It also monitors all of the activity from the opening of a connection until that connection is fully closed. The filtering decisions are based on administrator-defined rules as well as context, which refers to using information from previous connections and packets that belong to the same connection.

Next-Generation Firewall

Firewalls have now evolved beyond simple packet filtering and stateful inspections to become more thorough and impactful. You have the opportunity to deploy next generation firewalls to block those more modern threats, such as advanced malware and viruses. Next-generation firewalls include the following aspects:

  • All standard firewall capabilities, including a stateful inspection.
  • Application awareness and control to see and block all risky apps.
  • Techniques to address evolving security threats.
  • Integrated intrusion prevention.
  • Upgrade paths to include all future information feeds.

Threat-Focused Next-Generation Firewall

A threat-focused next-generation firewall is simply a more advanced version of a next-generation firewall. When you opt for a threat-focused next-generation firewall, you get the following features:

  • Knowing which assets are the most at risk before an attack occurs with complete context awareness.
  • Quick reactions to attacks with intelligent security automation that sets policies and hardens your defenses.
  • Decreases the times from detection to cleanup with retrospective security that will continuously monitor for suspicious activity and behavior even after the initial inspection.
  • Does a better job detecting evasive or suspicious activity with network and endpoint event correlation.
  • Ease administration and reduces complexity by using unified policies that will protect across the entire attack continuum.

Virtual Firewall

A virtual firewall is one that is usually deployed as a virtual appliance in a private cloud or a public cloud in order to monitor and secure traffic across physical and virtual networks. A virtual firewall is a key component in many software-defined networks.

Unified Threat Management Firewall

A unified threat management firewall focuses on simplicity and ease of use. And in general, it is a firewall that combines the functions of a stateful inspection with intrusion prevention and antivirus protection. Many unified threat management firewalls may include additional services and cloud services, which you can do with MSEDP. We offer an array of cloud services to help keep your networks safe and secure.

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