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COVID-19 Update: MSEDP is operational and committed to responding to the needs of our customers.
COVID-19 Update: MSEDP is operational and committed to responding to the needs of our customers.
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The Benefits of Trigger Emails

When you sign up for an email marketing campaign, it is a way to grow your target audience and build a reliable base. It is also a way to improve your traffic and sales numbers. There are many great benefits when you utilize an email marketing campaign and email marketing in general is very important to growing a business. One of the ways to effectively utilize an email marketing campaign is by turning to trigger emails.

A trigger email is an email that is automatically sent out based on the behavior of the user. Some common forms of trigger emails are welcome emails, thank you emails, order confirmation emails, and email receipts. A trigger email is a great way to build a target audience and often outperform traditional emails or cold emails. Open rates for trigger emails can reach as high as 50%. And the click-through-rate is typically double that of a traditional email. So for the best conversation rates for emails, utilize trigger emails when you can.

One reason trigger emails are so effective is because they are aware of a previous interaction with your website. So there is context to receiving the email and it is not catching them cold or unaware. And oftentimes, especially when a transaction has taken place, the user is looking for this sort of email. And when you convert emails, you have the ability to generate more profits. However, trigger emails are traditionally underutilized in the world of email marketing. And setting them up does not have to be an expensive undertaking. Learn more about the email solutions at MSEDP and see what aligns best with your sales targets.

Common Examples of Trigger Emails

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As mentioned, there are some common types of trigger emails. From transactional emails, to welcome emails and thank you emails, trigger emails are a great way to build a relationship with your client base without seeming intrusive or like spam. Here are some examples of trigger emails you can send.

Activation, Registration or Log In

This sort of campaign can be used in a few ways. If you sell a product that needs to be activated or registered, you can send the buyer an email if you realize that has not happened yet. This is just a little nudge to push them to action. Or maybe they have not activated it because they are having troubles doing so, which means in the email you can include a tutorial or instructions. By reaching out in this manner you are showing a courtesy to a buyer and it can strengthen the relationship.

Or perhaps they need a login and haven't signed in yet. Sending them an email with that information can act as a friendly reminder to get on top of creating an account.

Ask For a Review

When some time passes, you can send an email asking for a review or some feedback on the product. This again is a way to build a relationship with the customer and shows that you care about the outcome of their purchase. A little love goes a long way in terms of customer approval. Many people just want to know you care and they may be more inclined to buy again if you treat them with respect. And if you have the time to reply back and answer their response, that is an added bonus.

The Win-Back

This is when an existing customer is approaching the end of a yearly subscription and perhaps hasn't been using the product or item recently. So you may need to win them back in order to keep their subscription. You can try by crafting a nicely worded email informing them that they are nearing the end of their subscription or contract. But in that email you can include new products and anticipated products or items. This can act as a hook to get them back on your side.

Rewarding Them With a Surprise

Lastly we come to the most effective tactic, but one you can't employ too frequently. But ultimately the goal of any business is to build customer loyalty. This is the key to success. And you can find ways to reward your loyal customers by giving them something for free every now and then. It is a nice token of appreciation for their business and a great way to keep your customer base loyal. Even just a small thank you and a small gift works great. Whether it is a small gift card, a percentage off their next order, or free shipping, people LOVE free. And when you show appreciation to your customers, they can show you appreciation back.

Contact MSEDP Today

Learn more about digital marketing at MSEDP and how we can help build your business. We have years of experience helping web clients from around the United States gain traction using email marketing and other digital marketing techniques, such as SEO content writing and PPC ad campaigns. We offer professional strategies for email marketing campaigns. To speak to someone from our office, please call 631-761-7600 today. When you call, we can provide you with more information about details regarding our web services.

Effective email marketing offers a great return on investment when you do it properly. A successful email marketing campaign allows you and your business to reach a wide, yet targeted audience. Getting these campaigns to work is a great way to grow your business and find sales. At MSEDP, we offer email marketing services to help those looking to improve their market share. We utilize the most effective strategies to help you get the most bang for your buck.

An email marketing strategy is a crucial element for any business's marketing goals. It is still a widely-used tool that is a cost effective way to promote your products and services and communicate directly to your customers.

Learn more about the importance of email marketing for your business and let MSEDP effectively handle your digital marketing. Read on to learn about some of the strategies and tips we employ when we handle anyone's email marketing campaign. Email marketing strategies have changed over the years, but at MSEDP we aim to stay up-to-date on the latest trends in order for you to reap the rewards.

Personalize Your Emails

When it comes to an effective email marketing campaign, you will be surprised by how important it is to personalize the emails. And it is not just tailoring each email to the person's name. Though that is something that does help, too. But personalizing the email based off of the customer's purchasing history, so they get a targeting email on something you know they like. By making it personal, you are upping the conversion rate of the email.

Email subject lines are also an area you can personalize. When you put the email recipient's first name in the subject line of the email, you are increasing the odds they open it. And when they open it, they are at least getting a glimpse at what is inside the email and glance at what you are promoting.

How can you get this personal with your email marketing campaign? Well, it actually starts with your contact form. When they sign up for your email subscription, it is important to get some key data points that will help with these steps and allow for easy personalization.

And at the end of the email, it is important to have a real email address to reply to. It improves the credibility and creates a more personal email. You want to give the reader the sense that they can in fact reach out to you. So by giving them your correct contact details, you are building a relationship with them.

Subscriber Segmentation

Email marketing hits your target audience

By segmenting your subscriber base and your database, you can more effectively target your audience. This likely creating a more efficient email marketing campaign. And by segmenting your audience, you ensure that the recipient isn't getting an email they are not interested in. Because the more "spam" emails they get, the more likely they are to simply unsubscribe. However, if you send them less frequently and they are more geared to their likes, then they are more likely to open the email.

So, in a nutshell, when you segment your lists, you get better open rates, leads, transactions, revenue and happier customers. And there are various ways you can segment these emails. A popular way is simply segmenting them by industry, like by offering services or products to specific businesses or consumers. But no matter how you do it, you are already stepping up your email marketing campaign to become a more efficient and profitable endeavor.

Mobile Friendly Email Campaigns

It may seem like a small thing, but when it comes down to it ensuring the email is mobile friendly is crucial to the success of any email marketing campaign. Why? Well, a large percentage of emails are not opened on a mobile device. So if the email looks terrible when someone opens it on their phone or tablet that is a surefire way to get them to delete the email. It doesn't matter how well-tailored the email is and the promotion or deal itself. If the user has a hard time viewing it they will move on. It's that simple.

At MSEDP, we make sure each email marketing campaign is mobile friendly and we implement the best responsive designs. And when we create a new email campaign, we make sure the call-to-action is big and obvious. This way, no matter what device is opening up the email, they know right away where to click. Making it too small may be difficult on a mobile device, since someone may accidentally click elsewhere or simply have big hands. So having it neat and clear allows for an easy user experience, thus likely leading to more clicks and revenue.

Practice Makes Perfect

This may sound obvious, but sometimes the most obvious elements are overlooked. When it comes to an effective email marketing campaign, sometimes you do not get it on the first or second attempt. But trial and error goes a long way as long as you understand the data coming back and improve on some details. At MSEDP, we have years of experience handling email campaigns, so we understand the patience it sometimes requires getting the best strategy nailed down.

One simple way of testing an email campaign is sending out to two different emails that have one difference. And then you can simply look at the data and see which one had more success and then use that for all the next time. Since there are various factors for any email marketing campaign, it may take a few tests to land on the one that works best. And by testing, you a limiting any minute issues and creating the best email marketing campaign possible.

Some common areas to test are which email address to send from, whether or not you want to use plain text or HTML, or having short or long emails, among various other factors. So if you want to know what works best with your email subscriber base then you can simply test it!

Let MSEDP Handle Your Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing continues to deliver results, but it also continues to evolve. That is why you need to update your email marketing strategy and turn to MSEDP. We can help you find your target audiences and use the tools necessary in order to get you a great return on investment.

You are in good hands when you trust MSEDP with your email marketing campaign. We stay on top of new trends and implement changes when we see the need for it. Your campaign and business will grow over time with a successful email marketing campaign.

So please, do not hesitate to reach out to MSEDP today for our trusted web services. We handle email marketing campaigns for businesses across the United States. Our office is located on Long Island, New York, so many of our web clients are regional. However, we do have many from across the country too as we continue to expand our business.

The number for our office is 631-761-7600. When you call, we can provide you with a free, no-obligation consultation to go over your needs. We do more than just marketing through emails. Our SEO team offers thorough content writing to help your business rank well on search engines. We also design and build websites. Learn more about our web design possibilities and get all of the tools you need for a successful business.

Email marketing is often an underlooked area in terms of marketing for a business. MSEDP has developed an email marketing system that is designed to send out mass emails in the form of a newsletter. And you have options as to how you’d like to send out these emails. They can be sent in plain text or you can enhance and customize them with our page editing system. Email newsletters can also be outfitted with graphics from your website as well as the same navigation tools. So, in a way, it is almost like emailing your whole site!

With MSEDP, Target Clients With Effective Email Newsletters

For more information about the effectiveness of email marketing, please give our office a call. We are located in Deer Park, New York, right on Long Island, but our email marketing services are offered to web clients from around the country. So please, do not hesitate to reach out today for more information. The number for our office is (631) 761-7600. When you call, we can provide you with a free, no-obligation consultation.

Email Marketing CampaignsWhy Email Marketing Works

The rise of social media has made using those platforms much more useful. However, many businesses abuse those outlets, where it almost becomes a detriment. Email, though, remains the most effective way to nurture leads and turn them into customers. However, do not resort to unsolicited spam emails, because that is never a good marketing strategy. But focusing on improving your business’s email marketing can get more leads. Here are three reasons to consider a switch in focus.

Email Newsletters Offer A Targeted Campaign

It is estimated that as high as 99% of consumers check their email on a daily basis? That is every day. And that can’t be said of any other communication channel. This sort of reach is unparalleled. So a targeted newsletter means that your email will have a much higher likelihood of being seen. This differs from unsolicited emails, which result in those messages getting sent to the spam folder for no one to see.

You Own Your List

When you use any social media platform, you run the risk of your account being suspended or even deleted at any time without notice. Not to mention any followers either leaving the platform and taking away from your reach. However, the email list you use you own. No one can take those leads away from you. Those are people who signed up for a newsletter and request incoming messages from you. If they don’t want to receive the email, then they can of course unsubscribe and take their name off the list. But that list remains valid.

Emails Just Convert Better

Typically, people who buy products marketed through email spend more money than those who do not receive email offers. So, in a nutshell, email marketing has a great ROI (returns on investment). People are more engaged when they check their emails, at least when compared to the passive experience of scrolling through social media platforms. Sure, people use those platforms to actively search and find what they need, but it still isn’t the same level as a well-thought-out email marketing campaign.

Build a Trusted Audience

When you are sending out newsletters, you are sending to a captive audience. Which is half the battle when it comes to marketing. And if you are doing an effective job communicating with your client base, you can build trust with them, too. Add a personal touch to these emails to make those who open them feel welcome.

Call For A Free Consultation

When it is all said and done, email is simply the best way to make sales online. And MSEDP is here to make that happen for you! We can help set up and manage an email marketing campaign. For more information about how we can help, please contact us today. We, of course, are more than just a simple marketing company. We are also a website company. So we can design and build and new website for you. Already have a website? Well, we can upgrade your site to make it more modern. Simply give our office a call and receive a free consultation.

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