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COVID-19 Update: MSEDP is operational and committed to responding to the needs of our customers.
COVID-19 Update: MSEDP is operational and committed to responding to the needs of our customers.
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Safeguarding Your Business: Common Security Threats in the Digital Age

There are many online threats in today's fast-paced digital landscape. On a daily basis, businesses will encounter a myriad of security threats that are constantly evolving. These threats pose risks to sensitive information, operational continuity, and overall reputation of a business to name a few. Due to these potential threats, it is crucial for businesses to remain vigilant and adopt proactive strategies that will protect themselves from potential security breaches. Here are some common security threats that face businesses in the digital age:

If you think your business needs added protection against these threats, then it might be time to upgrade your IT services. Get in touch with MSEDP today to learn more about our various IT services. We can keep your business safe from all security threats. Read on to learn more about some common security threats businesses face in the digital age.

Cyber-Attacks & Data Breaches

Cyber-attacks and data breaches are high on the list of threats that businesses face in the digital landscape. Since the reliance on digital platforms only grows year after year, hackers continue to develop new and sophisticated methods to exploit vulnerabilities in all sorts of networks and areas. A breach in security not only jeopardizes any sensitive data a business may be storing but can also result in financial losses, legal consequences and a downgrade in reputation.

In order to counter these cyber-attacks and data breaches, businesses need to implement tough security measures. These security measures include firewalls, security audits, and encryption. As businesses navigate this complex landscape of security threats, finding the right IT team can help. When you turn to MSEDP, we can help to fortify defenses and implement proactive strategies that will safeguard against future potential risks from data breaches and cyber-attacks. We use the best and latest in technology to provide our clients with the best in IT services.

Phishing Attacks

lock for data protectionPhishing attacks are a prevalent and deceptive threat that can cripple any business. A phishing attack targets unsuspecting employees through deceptive emails, messages or with a fake website. Luring in these unsuspecting visitors to click on a malicious link or download a virus. These cyber criminals are constantly developing tactics that attempt to trick individuals into revealing any sensitive information. Some of the more notable information gained by attackers includes login credentials and financial details. Using this information to cripple a business.

Businesses can largely mitigate this risk by educating their employees about how to best recognize phishing attempts, deploying email filtering systems, and consistently updating their security protocols. At MSEDP, we make sure you are fully equipped with the tools to succeed and steer clear of these phishing attacks before they even happen.


There has been a surge in ransomware attacks, which poses a significant threat to any type of business. Ransomware is malicious software that encrypts critical data and renders it inaccessible until a ransom is paid. Some common prevention strategies against ransomware include maintaining up-to-date antivirus software, conducting regular backups, and implementing comprehensive incident response plans. Employee training on secure online practices is also a great way to reduce the likelihood of an incident, as well as turning to the IT team at MSEDP. We can effectively handle all updates and software and put your business in the place to succeed. Safeguarding you from the threats you face online.

Internet of Things Vulnerabilities

Businesses get exposed to the dangers of the internet on a daily basis and can be exposed to new avenues for potential security breaches. Having devices with inadequate security measures can serve as entry points for cyber attackers, which can subsequently lead to unauthorized access to networks and sensitive data. Prioritizing the security of these devices involves regular firmware updates, implementing strong authentication measures, and segregating networks from critical business systems. All aspects that the IT team at MSEDP can handle for you. Ensuring you are up to compliance on all aspects of cybersecurity. Make MSEDP your managed service provider today and stay protected.

Internal Threats

While external threats get most of the attention, your business cannot overlook the potential risks from within the business, too. An internal threat can come about from employees intentionally or unintentionally compromising security. Some of the key components in mitigating the risks associated with internal threats include having strict access controls, ongoing monitoring of user activities, and offering regular employee training regarding online threats. Internal threats are difficult to pin down sometimes, because a lot of it comes down to the human factor and trusting your employees to do the right thing and follow protocols. But having safeguards in place can help to mitigate damages in case of a breach. After all, we are human and make mistakes. What is important is having the right protections in place to prevent the worst from happening.

Supply Chain of Vulnerabilities

The interconnected nature of modern business ecosystems makes supply chains more susceptible to security threats. Cybercriminals can exploit vulnerabilities in suppliers' systems, which poses risks for businesses down the road. Thus, establishing stringent security standards for suppliers, conducting regular security assessments, and building transparent communication within the supply chain are all essential steps in order to minimize these vulnerabilities. At MSEDP, we work with the best providers in this field in order to give our clients the most dependable software available. Your network security is of the utmost importance to us and we do our due diligence to ensure we are putting you in a place to succeed.

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It is difficult to navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape, but all businesses need to stay vigilant against a diverse range of security threats. Understanding and implementing comprehensive cybersecurity measures is critical for solidifying defenses and ensuring the resilience of organizations in the digital age. As technology advances on a yearly basis, the proactive identification and mitigation of security threats will continue to be a crucial part of the sustained success of any business. Partner with MSEDP today to learn more about our IT services and put your business in a place to succeed. From computer tech support to network monitoring tools and much more, our IT services will keep your business safe from all of the common security threats in the digital age.

Adequately protecting a business's infrastructure and data can be tough, especially with the ever-increasing and evolving threats out there. And with so many cybersecurity solutions out there, it can be difficult to know what to do. At MSEDP, we provide professional IT services to help protect your website and network. We will review your situation and come up with a game plan that satisfies every need.

The Similarities Between Home Security and Cybersecurity

One way to break down cybersecurity is to look at it like you would look at home security. Many of the same aspects and ideas coincide with these two elements. When breaking it down, there are three different ways to protect a home or business. Without all three in play, you are not fully protected from threats. The three critical areas for any home security plan are prevent, detect and respond. These ideas are simply universal when it comes to any sort of protection. Here is how those three ideas play out with home security in mind.

  1. PREVENT damage or theft from intruders gaining access.
  2. DETECT intruders, suspicious activity, or other dangerous elements.
  3. RESPOND by sounding alarms, calling authorities, or enacting self-defense.

These home security ideas apply perfectly to any cybersecurity plans. In a home security scenario, doors lock and lights automatically some on, which provides a level of prevention for intruders. However, that cannot be your only line of defense. If there is a break in, or attack, then you can have video cameras installed to see what is going on. Lastly, if you do not have any response to the break-in, then the attack can go on without limitations. So an alarm system to the authorities ensures action is taking place. This breakdown is exactly how cybersecurity measures work. Systems are installed to prevent online intruders. If those intruders break through, there are methods of detection to see what is exactly happening. And in the end, there needs to be a response to limit the damage.

When you turn to MSEDP, we ensure these three steps are handled properly. We will install the best software to prevent these attacks from happening, but will also have the right ways of quickly detecting these attacks and making sure our IT responds to limit any damage. Contact us today to get started.

How to Protect Your Business

Many people opt to go beyond your typical home security measures, which also applies to those business owners looking to keep their network and data safe. Every business should deploy a multi-layer cybersecurity strategy that includes prevention, detection, and response. Here are the ways in which you can protect your business when turning over your IT services to MSEDP.

Prevention: Firewalls, anti-virus, patching, and password management are all great forms of preventing online attacks. These aspects will not stop every attacker, but with the right prevention methods in place, you can drastically limit the opportunities. Ultimately putting your network and data in a safer spot.

Detection: When there is a security incident, there needs to be the right detection methods to catch it. SIEM, log monitoring, and intrusion detection systems can be ably installed by our team to help quickly detect any and all attacks on your network. Ensuring that the response time is speedy and knows exactly where to look.

man at desk with pcResponse: Not having a quick response to the attack could very well be the difference maker in all this. Quick detection is one thing, but not having adequate responses to an attack or having any delay can land major repercussions. Every cybersecurity solution should include automated threat remediation and be backed up by a 24/7 security team to ensure proper recourse is taken.

MSEDP are leaders in cybersecurity. Make us your managed service provider and put your business and network in a position to succeed.

Common Elements of Cybersecurity

Here are the common elements for any cybersecurity solution. All of which our IT team will take into account when constructing cybersecurity solutions for your business and network.

With these cybersecurity elements at your fingertips, you are in the best position to succeed. MSEDP has years of experience at the helm and can devise a solution to protect your business data and network.

About Netsurion EventTracker Essentials

The perfect prevention is not practical. Which is why EventTracker Essentials from Netsurion focuses on detection and response in order to protect your business from any advanced persistent threats that regularly circumvent prevention mechanisms, such as firewalls and anti-virus software. EventTracker Essentials from Netsurion is a managed security solution that is powered by SIEM and backed by 24/7 SOC that minimizes attack dwell times with real-time alerts, provides automatic responses to certain situation, and simplifies regulatory compliance reporting.

With the help of MSEDP, we can set you up with professional and advanced cybersecurity solutions using Netsurion EventTracker. Ensuring your network and business are kept safe. Netsurion EventTracker is the smart choice for cybersecurity in 2024! Get in touch with MSEDP today and learn how Netsurion EventTracker is right for your business.

There is nothing like a good first impression and if you have an old, ugly website then that first impression can do actual harm to your website and your business as a whole. However, good website design goes a long way, as it can benefit your SEO campaign, help build trust and credibility with your audience, and encourage visitors to interact with your website. Converting leads into sales and services. New, bold websites that take into account the elements of good web design allow businesses to stand out among competitors and can enhance overall user experience.

At MSEDP, we have web design pros that will work with you to build and design a new website. One that will improve your business and brand. When you reach out, we can discuss how we can effectively upgrade your website by improving upon the design. We can show you templates for different types of websites to give you an idea on how it can look. We have our own CMS or we can build using WordPress. During our consultation, we can go over the pricing for these websites. Ultimately, how the website looks will come from you, but the execution comes from us.

In the meantime, let's take a look at the importance of good web design and what goes into those features.

Improves SEO Strategy

One of the primary reason for investing in a new website design is to enhance your brand's visibility. A comprehensive SEO strategy requires a few different aspects and web design is one of those aspects. In many cases, a site's usability is determined by its web design process, which influences how important on-page elements come together. Due to this, the web design will impact how search engine spiders will crawl and index the website. All of this makes it impossible to get better search engine rankings without first improving the website design.

Google continues to take steps to solidify the importance of web design and now features "Core Web Vitals." This is a factor in SEO rankings and takes into account various speed and design aspects of a given website. Here are the three most important metrics to look into that relates to your website design.

These are all Core Web Vitals that Google now considers important for search rankings and aspects that the web design pros at MSEDP will effectively manage and incorporate. They sound complicated on the surface, but with a well thought out web design, these aspects can be planned for and introduced. All of these aspects are user-centered, which indicates how important it is to put the user first when it comes to content and website design. Questions like - are all of the user's needs being met in an efficient time? - or - are the images loading quickly? - are ones we take into consideration for any web design. We can capitalize on knowing this information and integrating it into the design of the website. The SEO metrics can change drastically with a website's design and layout. With our professional help, we can make sure the design and layout of your website are optimal for search engines!

Improves On-Page SEO Factors, Too

There are additional on-page SEO factors where improved website design can impact and contribute to, which include:

Each of these metrics are key to track and measure and can greatly improve with a better website design. By analyzing this data, we can even potentially pinpoint the pages that need improving and look to boost the conversion rate. Or sometimes it is the content on those pages lacking, in which case our SEO content writing can help! But no matter the area of concern, using these metrics in a web design layout can lead to more traffic and sales. Because if a web page is pleasing to look at, then the Time on Page can improve since the user might want to look around, meaning the Bounce Rate decreases since there is interaction on the website and the Conversion Rate improves exponentially into sales and leads.

Set The Right First Impression

web designThere is a power in a first impression and this is no different for a website. An unappealing or outdated website can drive away a potential sale and stop someone from browsing your website. Or increase the bounce rate, which has a negative impact on your search engine rankings.

With an effective and new design of your website, we can prioritize this lasting impression on a potential audience and ensure that your website is visually appealing, highly responsive, and offers fast loading speeds. If the site looks modern, has bright and crisp colors, and is well-organized, then it becomes more welcoming to visitors. Encouraging them to stick around and see what you have to offer. On the flip side, if your current design is dark, drab and confusing to navigate then nobody is going to want to use it.

Business owners have to view a website like a storefront. There is care and attention to a storefront. It is clean, well-organized, and often employees are there and ready to help. It is not dimly lit with grumpy employees (or at least you hope not!). A good web design can make customers feel welcome, which is our ultimate goal when we design any website. Once we put the care and attention into designing and building a website, other aspects of your website will fall into place.

Build More Trust & Consistency with Your Brand

A surefire way to build more trust with your brand and your customer base is to update your website. On top of making a great first impression, a clean and simple web design is a perfect foundation to build trust with your target audience. If your website looks dated, has slow loading pages and images, hard-to-read text, crowded visuals, and bad looking design elements, then the perception of your business will suffer. People will think that if you do not care about improving your website, that the rest of the business may not be trustworthy. Send the right signals to your customer base by updating your website and making sure it is user friendly. Get right through to the user with clear headings and call to action statements and buttons to make sure the user feelings taken care of and is helped throughout the website.

Once you build trust, you can establish consistency with your brand, too. Maintaining a consistency is crucial to keeping your customers happy and coming back for more. Efficient web design will further ensure that the same fonts, styles and layouts are used on all pages. Giving the users a better overall experience when on the website due to the consistency they find while browsing. If pages have different fonts and layouts, it can be a confusing experience for anyone on the site. And thus detract them from further engaging, because they might give up and take their business elsewhere. Get consistent results with the web design team at MSEDP.

Enhance Website Usability

In the age of convenience, it is important to have a website that is, well, convenient. No customer is going to stick around using a website that takes too long to load or is hard to navigate. Our professional web design will save you from these issues and make your website more convenient for the user to use and navigate. All while enhancing the appeal and responsiveness across multiple screens. We will unleash all of the tricks of the trade by implementing stylish colors and elements making navigation easier and utilizing the call-to-action button to ensure that every user knows exactly how to reach out. All enhancing the usability of the website from the customer's perspective.

Improves Conversion Rates

The ultimate goal of any website is converting visitors into sales and customers by instantly appealing to them. So, when you have a nice, appealing looking website, it is a calling card to a healthy, robust business and thus a boon for conversion rates. With a new and improved web design, it can propel your site's visitors to continue browsing and provide them with an enhanced user experience. Then add the elements of a mobile-friendly website and you can appeal to a broader customer base and pull in more traffic. All factors that lead to better conversion rates.

Rise Against the Competition

Having a great website design can put you a step above the competition. Everyone is competing for the same audience in your field, so to gain an edge you need to set yourself apart. A new and beautiful website design is a great investment to get a leg up on the competition. You will be giving anyone who lands on your website an extra reason to trust your brand, knowing that you invest in all aspects of your business. And with this trust comes other key benefits, like improved rankings in search engines. These search engines will begin to view your site as one that needs to be seen. Distinguishing you from others in your competition with a well-crafted website. And when you turn to MSEDP, we can make sure your site is responsive and works great on any platform or screen. Ensuring a full range of target audience is reached.

Better Customer Satisfaction

With a new, professional website design from MSEDP, you will be able to set yourself up for success by showing your target audience just how approachable your business is since you have a properly designed website to show off. The appeal of your website should exemplify to your customers how well you handle your business and display a level of detail and attention to all part of your business. And that you care about the user experience of the customer in the first place. When someone lands on a nice-looking website, they feel comforted by this fact. Moreso than if they land on one that looks old and out of date. Improve customer satisfaction by having a website that makes being a customer easier. We give business owners the tools to thrive and improve customer satisfaction with the professional design of a new website.

Emails are very important for any business or corporation, as they are a necessary aspect of daily communication. Even with expanding technologies, the email is still a crucial element to run any business. Emails are leaned on for many important activities, requests and formalizations. With that in mind, it is safe to say that the email is the communication standard for businesses across the world. But with any widely used service, emails have been targeted for malicious attacks against unsuspecting people and companies. These attacks come in the form of unsolicited emails and potentially even phishing scams in an effort to gain sensitive information and data. That is why it is important to have some sort of anti-spam protection in place for your business emails.

Spam emails are an opportunistic method, which means that malicious spam emails are targeting accounts despite knowing that the rate of opening is small. However, due to the prolific rate at which these malicious email campaigns can start, they are a great way to get sensitive data and infiltrate a user's network. But do not be fooled, these targeted attacks can raise the bar to up those click rates by crafting spam emails in order to better entice the recipient from opening it. Some popular methods include creating emails using false senders who are acting as legitimate ones and sending emails embedded with malicious links inquiring about obtaining some sort of information. Hoping the unsuspecting receiver clicks on the email.

Get protected today by utilizing the anti-spam email protection with MSEDP's IT services. We work with companies big and small in order to best protect them from dangerous attacks. We use the latest technology to ensure you are protected effectively. When you turn to MSEDP, you get some key anti-spam benefits to help your network and business avoid malicious emails. Steer clear and be safe from dangerous emails with adequate protection! Let's take a look at those benefits of our spam protection.

Increased Productivity and Email Management

Logging on and checking your emails is a daily routine for many people. However, if you do not have the right protections in place, then this innocuous routine could become a minefield. You may be spending too much time sifting through your emails deleting the spam and unwanted ones. And when you are removing a lot of emails, you could be deleting ones you actually want to open, but miss out because you are speeding through this process to be more productive.

Others may simply leave many of the unwanted emails in their folder and let them pile up over time. This, obviously, is also a clumsy and time-consuming way of handling your emails. Not to mention disorganized. When you have proper spam email protection, you can become more productive as a result. Get better email management today and no longer risk deleting or missing an important one. A properly configured spam email protection will ensure that the legitimate emails will arrive in your mailbox, while stopping unsolicited emails from showing up. Allowing you to spend less time reviewing emails and spending more time working or reading safe emails.

Protection from Phishing Attacks

One of the biggest issues users face with emails are phishing scams. A phishing scam is a common technique that sees malicious users pretending to be another person or organization in order to get privileged and sensitive data. Our spam protection combats phishing scams quickly and efficiently by simply preventing these emails from even reaching your inbox. If these emails do somehow get through, then our protection methods prevent the downloading or installation of anything malicious. And with our IT services at your side, you will always have updated antivirus protection at all times without needing to manage it. Let the pros at MSEDP ably protect you from phishing scams and other malicious attacks.

Email Archiving & Auditing

email filter for inbox and spamWhen more emails are being sent and opened, there is a greater need to have control over them and verifying them appropriately. With effective anti-spam protection, there is the ability to archive and audit all of the emails. This is a great way to deploy anti-spam solutions transparently and without the need for direct user intervention. With archiving, it allows you to retain all emails over any period of time. This allows for easy retrieval and can help to cover any periods when the emails might not be backed up. And in certain occasions, archiving emails might provide regulatory compliance in maintaining certain types of email being held for periods of time required by law. MSEDP can help you get compliant.

Auditing is also a common feature for effective spam email protection. The proper use of auditing can ensure the ability to identify potential abnormalities in the misuse of emails. Whether these emails are for personal purposes or misappropriation of information, auditing is a method to get to the bottom of it. Both incoming and outgoing emails can use auditing. As your email solutions provider, we can have absolute control over the flow of emails and evaluate the level of service.

Access Control By Sender of Recipient

Access control is a complement to auditing, in that it allows you to take actions based on the sender or recipient. For example, you can block the sending or receiving of emails by local users. With proper access control, the company or business can manage which emails or domains its users can receive and send emails to and from. This is an important feature, because many industries have different needs for resource use and the greater the control of the emails, the better the overall security. Our IT team will install these services for you and guide you on how to best use this functionality. And make sure you are getting the most for your money and IT services.

Data Leak Prevention

Data leak prevention is an anti-spam mechanism that performs a deeper inspection of the content of the emails and their attachments, if there are any. In this case, every email that goes through is scoured using a set of patterns in order to identify the suspicious emails. The evaluation checks the email body, the sender, its subject, as well as looking for patterns within attachments. All of this ensures that every email sent and received is checked for malicious content. If there is a suspicion, it will be flagged. And you will see it and be on the lookout for a closer look.

Decentralized Spam Management

When a company has a lot of users, it can lead to a more difficult time in setting up protections. And oftentimes lesser IT companies will centralize spam content, which can be a big mistake. Effective anti-spam email solutions should offer a feature that provides a decentralized management of unsolicited messages. With this method, the user manages all or a partial number of the emails that get marked as spam. Users can check the spam folder in real time and get reports about it, which allows the emails to be released by the click of a button. This "quarantine" feature allows for easier management for administrators, as well as allows the users the independence to manage their spam folders safely. And increasing productivity across the board under all circumstances.

Black & White List Management

It is smart to look at black and white lists as a yes and a no. The black list exists to combat spammers. This is usually a complicated effort, since the nature of unsolicited messages is to trick the user into opening your email and bypass any efforts to thwart it. The proper filters need to be in place to combat this malicious attack. And a white list is a great way to allow legitimate emails to come in easily not marked as spam. All done by basing the sender and other aspects, such as source networks, as legitimate and avoiding communication delays. When you turn to the email solutions and IT team at MSEDP, we will come up with an effective and productive way to set a list up and ensure that all messages marked as legitimate come through in a timely manner and that all marked as spam do not come through at all. Get better organized with your emails with MSEDP!

Cloud-Based Security & Bandwidth Savings

Cloud storage and protection is an underrated aspect of spam protection. With our email protection services, you can ensure your cloud-based email is secure and up-to-date. On top of that, you can save money on bandwidth by utilizing the cloud. And get the same protection from unsolicited emails when you are using our cloud services. In fact, when you turn to MSEDP, there are other cloud services available to help you and your business work together.

Search engine optimization is an important element for any website. And with each coming year there are new and innovative ways to help grow your website using SEO tactics. Here are 10 must follow rules for SEO moving into the future. Rules that the SEO writers at MSEDP utilize on a daily basis, while also keeping a keen eye out for any ways to improve on these tactics.

Write SEO Content for Humans

The most important rule to follow when it comes to SEO is to write the content for humans and NOT for the Google algorithm. It is crucial to know your audience and write content tailored for them, since they are the ones searching for it in the first place. Good, attractive SEO writing can lead to backlinks, which are a helpful way to grow any website. If the writing sounds too robotic or is simply stuffed with keywords, then it becomes unattractive to all who come across it. The team of writers at MSEDP do thorough research before tackling any topic, which allows for the content writing we provide to help grow any website.

Understand Google's Algorithm

It is important to write the content for human beings, but it is still important to understand the latest Google algorithms. Google is the largest search engine, so understanding their algorithms and working with them is a good way to gain traffic. However, Google regularly tweaks their algorithms in order to ensure the best pages are ranking. And their algorithms in general are kept private so they are not manipulated by the masses. They want their search engine to be as effective as possible. So, when there is an understanding of their algorithm, then it is easier to work towards that goal. The SEO writers at MSEDP make this their goal. We help all of our clients with this aspect and ensure the websites are following the algorithms to the best of our knowledge and are constantly improving as Google improves.

Find the Right Keywords

One of the most important tasks of any SEO company is to know how to perform effective keyword research and how to pick the best keywords for the potential content. This includes being able to assess how popular the main keyword is and how to choose the best long-tail keywords that can drive traffic to a site. In most cases, the main keywords for a given topic simply have too much competition for the top of the rankings. What this means is that finding that middle ground is even more important, despite having a lower search volume. That is because it is easier to get to the top of the rankings for keywords with less search volume. But despite less search rankings, being at the top of lower searched keywords is highly beneficial, too.

And more times than not, people who really need something will have a specific search and those are the users that are more likely to follow through on their query. As professional SEO copywriters, we have the ability to assess the competition for each word or phrase, come up with the best keywords, and begin creating clear and engaging content.

Make Every Sentence Unique

One of the biggest driving factors for search engine algorithms is unique content. When parts of a page are copied from another website, it may be flagged as spam and dropped in the rankings. This is why it is crucial to turn to SEO copywriters who are experts in creating clear, engaging and unique content for any type of website. Many imitators may simply use a copy and paste method, but when you turn to MSEDP you are getting a team of writers who know how to research and create unique SEO content. We dedicate our time and effort into creating a unique and useful website that ranks well.

Use Words Related to Keywords

Keyword stuffing is a problem for amateur SEO writers. One simple way to avoid keyword stuffing is to simply use words that are related to your keywords. By doing so, you are letting the search engines know what the content is about without stuffing the same few words into each sentence and paragraph. Due to our years of experience writing SEO content, we know how to navigate this issue. We will create new content each time we write while making sure there is no keyword stuffing.

Aim for Longer Content

Search Engine Optimization aspectsOftentimes, the algorithm rewards longer, more informative content. And can even penalize thin content. High-quality content that reaches 700 or 800 words will likely rank higher than content that is only 300 to 400 words. What it comes down to is the fact that shorter pages might simply not have enough complexity for the algorithm to reward. And when the content is longer, it gives the writer more of a chance to mix up the content, such as by using lists and tables. When there is a lot of information on a page, there are various ways of presenting that information that is helpful to both searchers and search engines alike.

Meta Details!

When a new page is created, it needs the proper meta details. The meta details are comprised of meta titles and meta descriptions. By having the correct meta details for the page, it allows search engines to display a short description of the content you created which can help drive clicks. The meta title should be no longer than 70 characters, which is the maximum Google shows during searches. And the meta descriptions should be no longer than 160 characters, because any longer than that will be cut off.

When you turn to MSEDP for SEO services, we use our own CMS that makes it easy to enter the meta details. We are also well-versed with WordPress. They also make it easy to enter the meta title and description. Ensuring that each new page is ready for indexing and ranking. Using the keywords in the meta title and description is a quick and easy way to highlight what the page is about.

Use Subheadings To Promote Keywords

The use of subheadings is a crucial aspect when creating a new SEO landing page. Subheadings are a great way to incorporate your keywords and make them prominent. By including your keywords in the subheadings, you are indicating to Google and other search engines that this is what the page is about and increasing its importance. And subheadings simply make it easier to read as it breaks up the content into more digestible sections. By making it easier to read, you are helping the person reading the page. But you are also helping the search engines and the Page Experience factor, which impacts SEO.

Mix Up Types of Content

Using different types of content on a page is a great way to dole out useful information and expand on the text. The use of images and videos on a page can be a great way to break up the text and still showcase useful information. Images and videos also make the website look nicer. Too much gray text can be a burden on the eyes and turn people away. But by properly incorporating images and videos, the page may flow better and allow for easier reading. Which again impact the Page Experience factor.

Link Pages to High-Quality Sites

Using links as a way to cite informative content is a common way to show where the information came from. However, it is important to know where that link is coming from, because you only want to link to high-quality sites. If there are links on your site to low quality and spammy sites, the information on your page will then be negated and assumed to be spammy as well. When you link to good sites, you are showing the search engines that you are connected to other good sites and that the information on your site is of high-quality.

Contact MSEDP for Professional SEO Services

The SEO team at MSEDP has years of experience handling a variety of campaigns and can help you grow your business and website by following these simple rules. From researching and managing your keywords, to populating your website with engaging SEO content, to making sure you are indexed properly, we cover all the bases with our search engine optimization services. We can even help you with Google My Business and Google AdWords should you decide to go that route. Any and all web aspects are handled in-house at our Deer Park office. Give us a call today to learn more about how we can help you build a new, thriving SEO campaign in 2024.

As we head into 2024, Cloud computing is an element that simply no business can no longer ignore. The overall benefits of cloud computing have been making a huge impact for years now as the way people work has adapted with more and more companies and businesses adopting cloud technology and a remote workplace. With cloud computing, everyone at the company has access to the same internet-based platforms, data storage and applications remotely. Leading to more productivity and efficiency as a result. Capable cloud infrastructures allow companies to operate and collaborate on the go without the need to always be working from the same geographical location. For example, MSEDP utilizes cloud-based services and it has allowed our company to grow, while maintaining efficiency and security.

15 Benefits of Cloud Computing For Your Business

If you are looking to upgrade your IT services, then please get in touch with us today. Our cloud computing services can help you ring in 2024 in style. Many companies and businesses are often hesitant to fully transition to cloud computing services, but with the help of MSEDP we can ease that transition and ensure all security aspects are in place. Let's take a closer look at some common cloud computing benefits for the year 2024 and beyond and how they can be incorporated into your business strategy.

Save Money & Time

Accessing your company data via the cloud can save you both time and money. Pretty sweet, huh? It is an affordable way to save money on server space and does not require you to purchase and maintain any hardware. And it eliminates the need to invest in utilities, facilities, and larger office spaces in order to accommodate a growing business. And with our cloud computing services, you do not need to hire a full IT staff, as we can ably do it for you from our location and a price point that meets your budget. On top of all that, there is rarely any downtime for issues, which makes any company more efficient without lost time for recovery.

Faster Scalability & Adaptability

There is great flexibility when you opt for a cloud environment that takes care of all your computer and data storage needs, hosting, IT infrastructure. What this does is offer you more flexibility and freedom in your day-to-day operations than when you rely on local servers for hosting. With the cloud, you do not have to use human resources or build more in-office infrastructure. Instead, you can focus on the daily goals and the needs of your customer. And it raises the scalability of your business, since when you grow you simply need more space in the cloud and not locally. Allowing any business to grow faster and easier without the need to find more space.

Centralized Security

The cloud host uses a bolstered security system in order to protect users from a data breach, theft, and any unauthorized access 24/7 and does so more efficiently than a conventional in-house system. Cloud systems have some powerful features that include access management through specific roles and permissions. Together, these functionalities will limit access to any sensitive company information to specified employees who need them for business purposes. When you turn to MSEDP for professional cloud services, you will have your data securely handled and stored. Leaving less of a risk from malicious attacks and easing any worries you may have regarding putting sensitive information into the cloud.

Disaster Recovery

Another way to ease worries is with the ease and speed of disaster recovery when it comes to cloud computing, which allows for the preparation for emergencies and is able to deliver efficient data recovery solutions. Cloud services are equipped with customizable programs in order to aid and anticipate potential issues and system failures, such as power outages and natural disasters. Disaster recovery is one of the key aspects of any IT service and MSEDP can help set you up.

Loss Prevention & Easy Data Backup

Without investing in cloud services, all of the essential data stays on an office computer. On the surface, this is okay and has been a mode of operation for years. However, this sort of action poses a significant issue that can hurt your business should a hacking or phishing scam take place. Or a simple malfunction can occur, wiping away important information never to be seen again. On top of that, there is also the risk of the machine itself being stolen. But when you upload data into a cloud-based server, it is safe from viruses and malware. The backup data recovery systems from MSEDP are state-of-the-art and all of your information is kept securely within our servers and can be quickly restored in case of an issue.

Easy Accessibility

When you have a cloud-based service, employees can access the data anywhere simply from their smartphones or devices. So everyone is always just a click away from the information and being kept in the loop. And it enables critical updates and communication to go through, despite any distance between employees. When you have easy access to the information, everyone becomes more efficient and productive.

Gain a Competitive Edge

You can gain a competitive edge over your competition by fully utilizing cloud services to improve your operations. Cloud computing improves collaboration and communication between employees and can simplify workflow, while also automating procedures and leading to a more effective use of resources. On top of all that, cloud-based analytics and insights can help you make smarter business decisions by thoroughly improving your understanding of your consumer base and the various marketplaces. As a result, you can stay one step ahead of your competition and experience better growth and efficiency.

Cloud vs Local backupImproved Quality Control

With the cloud, everyone on the team has access to the same consistently formatted documents and reports. All in one easy-to-find place. What this does is improve quality control, because employees do not need to save files in different versions, which may lead to confusion down the road and potentially a lack of professionalism. Better quality control helps avoid human error, too, while still tracking updates and revisions.

Easier to Collaborate with Coworkers

Cloud computing simplifies working together. Employees from different teams can read and share information securely and seamlessly on cloud-based platforms, like Microsoft 365. Certain cloud services have special spaces, too, for chatting and banter, like Microsoft Teams, which helps boost employee engagement and subsequently their happiness. When working together is easier, the whole business thrives.

Auto Updates for Software

Cloud applications will automatically refresh and install updates, which saves time and energy manually handling it. Or even forgetting to update and leaving yourself vulnerable to hacking due to an aspect of your security not being up to par. When you make MSEDP your MSP, we will make sure all auto updates run smoothly and on-time, so all you need to do is handle what you do best.

More Flexibility

When you have professional cloud computing at your side, you can quickly adjust your storage and processing power in order to better suit your current needs. There is no need to buy expensive on-premises technology that will not be used on a regular basis and will eventually need to be replaced. Instead, you can scale up or down with ease depending on your resources with the cloud. This enables a more efficient working environment and more flexibility when it comes to changes in demand. And ultimately, this flexibility leads to a cost reduction and better resource management.

Higher Business Value

With cloud services on your side, you can experience faster marketing and improved service capacities. How? Well, cloud computing fortifies your resilience in the field and can help you speed up the reinvention of your business model and plans when you need it. The cloud can also support a streamlined digital consumer journey. When you opt for cloud infrastructure, you can commit more time to innovation and expanding your business since you no longer will need to spend time handling old issues. Streamline your time for other vital areas of your business, such as customer service and marketing. And you will see a higher return on investment when you make the switch to cloud services.

Sustainability Solutions

Did you know that cloud computing is considered a "green solution?" So, when you opt to move to cloud computing, you are doing your small part to help the environment. It is a green solution because it decreases commuter-related carbon footprints and emissions while allowing accessibility from anywhere. And leads to companies and businesses using less space to work. Ultimately, cloud services lower energy consumption and encourages a "greener" lifestyle.

Technology is a crucial element to help any business grow in 2024. And harnessing the best in technology is harder than it sounds. Especially when it comes to network protection and failing servers. However, that is not the case when you turn to MSEDP for professional IT support and services. When you outsource your IT services to us, we will make sure all of your IT needs are met. Which means that your business is always running at peak performance and your duties are not taken away to deal with tasks regarding your network, website or servers. There are many great benefits when you use IT support for your small business.

Let's take a look at some of those benefits and see where your small business fits in. If you see a fit, then turn to MSEDP for the best in IT services.

Proactive Approach

When you get the right IT support on your side, it can establish a proactive approach to any incoming issues regarding malware or security threats. Professional IT services can help keep your system running smoothly and improve the overall quality of your IT infrastructure. With MSEDP, you get 24/7 monitoring of your network with the best and latest practices. This monitoring means we will be able to foresee problems and implement any changes right away before any significant damage it done. Reducing downtime and improving overall performance of your business. With a proactive approach to your IT needs, you can safeguard against major issues.

Improved Network Security

A good IT support team, like the one at MSEDP, can help develop a thorough network security strategy that is based on the latest industry standards and by using the best practices available. All with custom software and touches that focus specifically on your needs and how you want to run your business. We work with our clients to meet their specific needs and gameplan for what works best. Making MSEDP the smart choice for any small business.

Reduced Risk of Data Loss

Data is one of the most valuable assets for any business today. That is why it makes sense to invest in measures that will protect it from being lost or stolen. MSEDP offers effective backup and disaster recovery solutions and has them in place for those emergencies. This way you have the peace of mind knowing that in case of an attack or malware issue, your data is protected and can be recovered quickly and easily. Do not leave data protection to just any IT support team, because otherwise you are exposing yourself to unnecessary risks.

More Predictable Budgeting

With our IT services at your disposal, we can help you reduce your business's overall IT spending. How can we do this? We will make sure you are only paying for what you need. On top of that, there are no hidden costs with our IT services. And with our reasonable IT maintenance and service packages, your payments become more predictable, which means it is easier to budget long-term. Smart budgeting is key for any small business and with the help of MSEDP we can ensure that you are paying for exactly what you need. Without any compromises in service. No matter if the client is big or small, we treat all our customers with the respect and attention they deserve.

A Secure Remote Solution

When you put your IT solutions into the right hands, you have everything important being handled in a secure remote location. This includes various cloud services, which means that even when your team members are not in the office they can still access all of the important files and work on projects effectively and efficiently. Our cloud computing services are secure and safe and will ensure that anyone can work from any location. This is a great solution for small businesses looking to have effective remote workers. There is no longer a need to keep everyone in the office to have a secure network. MSEDP can help any business set up remote working stations, too.

It Services chartBetter Scalability To Meet Your Demands

As an expert managed service provider on Long Island, we know the importance of IT services and how the best MSPs act as an extension of your business. Our IT support staff offers premier flexibility and scalability to meet all of your business demands. So, as your business grows, we can update the IT services to meet your growing and evolving demands. Ensuring full protection of your network and data as we seamlessly adjust.

Access To Best & Latest in Industry

Turning to MSEDP as your managed IT service provider means you have access to the best and latest in the tech industry. We do not expect any business to be experts on the matter and follow the latest trends, but that is our #1 priority as an MSP. We allow small business to access technology and resources that they would ordinarily not be able to afford or have access to otherwise. This current and up-to-date hardware is crucial in today's digital world. When you have MSEDP's IT support staff on your side, you can have some peace of mind knowing you are protected without having to spend a fortune.

Greater Productivity

When you are running a small business, staying productive is more crucial than those with bigger businesses. Small businesses need to make sure their employees are productive and collaborate effectively with the rest of the staff. The IT system and services need to support this and with MSEDP's help you can! It can be a challenge with smaller businesses, since they have limited resources and budgets. However, MSEDP prides itself on being able to work with a budget of any size, without compromising security and efficiency. With our help, your small business can overcome your hurdles and create a more productive and efficient work environment.

Quick Response Time

Any small business owner needs to rely on technology in some sort of way to function effectively. If something goes wrong, then you want and need someone who can respond quickly. MSEDP prides itself on quick response times for problems both large and small. This way you are back up and running in no time.

Contact MSEDP For Trusted IT Support Staff

Every small business needs an IT support team they can trust. When you turn to MSEDP, you are getting exactly that. Get a wide range of great benefits by having a trusted IT support staff on your side. Proper investment of IT services gets you solutions that are not attainable otherwise. And can gain you advantages in a competitive marketplace. With our cybersecurity services on your side, reduce your overall cyber risk through continuous monitoring, rapid detection, and effective remediation in a way that is both practical and affordable for any small business.

MSEDP's IT services will protect your database, while not breaking the bank. Make the call today and get a trusted IT support staff on your side today. The number for our office is 631-761-7600. When you call, we can present your small business with a gameplan on how to best handle your IT services.

It wasn't that long ago when having a mobile friendly website felt cutting edge. However, in 2023, it is now necessary to have a mobile friendly website. Google and other search engines prioritize sites that are mobile friendly, since a large majority of web traffic comes from mobile devices. So if you do not have a mobile friendly website, then it might be time to upgrade! Let's take a look at some of the great benefits of upgrading your website to become mobile friendly.

Better User Experience

A website with a responsive design will lead to a better user experience, regardless of whether users are visiting using a desktop, smartphone, or tablet. When optimized properly, responsive websites simply load much faster than a standard mobile version. Delays in loading speed can significantly impact the satisfaction of users and can make them leave and never return, which then hurts the SEO of your website due to a higher bounce rate. So a slow website can cost you both new customers who do not like the slow waiting speed, as well as existing ones who might want to find a quicker option.

When you update to a more responsive website and get more speed, your site will look better to those who land on it and it will be more welcoming to newer users. And when people have a positive experience on your website, they will be more likely to return to use your website. Thus, helping grow your business.

The Core Web Vitals, which is a feature on Google Search Console, updates you about the user experience and how it may be impacting your website. When it comes down to it, if there are a few websites with different pages of similar content and services, the algorithm will show the user the website and the subsequent page that loads the fastest and is optimized the best. So understanding the core web vitals can help you build your website. At MSEDP, we can help decipher the features of Google Search Console with our professional SEO services. Our staff has years of experience handling organic search engine optimization campaigns and can help you improve your website.

Better With SEO Campaigns

Speaking of SEO, it is easier to implement and maintain a website that is mobile responsive. In the old days, many websites would have a desktop version and a slimmed down mobile version, which means you are spending twice the time maintaining what is essentially two different sites. By having one website that is mobile friendly, you are saving time and money. Having a responsive website will let you invest more time in getting your keywords right and researching the competition and allow for ample time to improve your rankings. Not to mention the benefits to SEO from having a fast, responsive website. Everything in terms of search engine optimization is better when the website is mobile friendly.

Cost Effective

Having a mobile friendly website leads to the benefit of the site being more cost effective. Rather than a dual-version website, you only have one website to maintain and update, which saves everyone time and money. Invest in making the single version of your website even better and more efficient and you will see the benefits in the performance of the website, which will in turn improve your business.

More Visitors to Website

When you have a mobile friendly website, you are going to get more visitors. That is a given at this point. Google's algorithm prioritizes sites that are mobile friendly, so if you get a better, faster website it will lead to more web traffic. Obviously how many more visitors comes down more to SEO, but you get the gist. And not for nothing, but more visitors is better for the SEO no matter how small that increase it due to the mobile friendly boost. In general, increasing visitors shows Google and search engines that your website is worth going to and can lead to a slow and steady rise in clicks and sales. 

responsive web design factorsIncreased Sales

And with more visitors comes an increase in sales and business. Online shopping is an industry that is only growing, so it makes sense that if you have a growing website that you will be seeing an increase in sales.

If you have goods and products you want to sell online, allow MSEDP to build you a website with that sort of functionality. WordPress websites offer ecommerce, which will help any website sell their products and goods. And if these user experiences are good, then it will only lead to more sales for returning customers. Same can be said for a website that offers services instead of goods. With a responsive website, you will see an increase in web traffic, which will hopefully lead to more work in your field.

Easy to Share

When you have a responsive website, it can not only just boost your sales, but also boost your shares on social media. A mobile responsive website is easier to share with on social media, which is where a lot of sales leads come in anyway at this point. So maintaining an active social media account can definitely help grow your website and generate more leads from mobile devices. If your website was not mobile friendly, then this have avenue for traffic and customers is a dead end.

Better Flexibility and Future Scalability

A mobile responsive website design gives you the easiest and most accessible way to support all of the latest devices, which leads to more of a market share since anyone can use your website with ease. Screen shapes and sizes are constantly changing on various devices, but a responsive website adapts to these changes so you will not need to worry about what new device is viewing your website in the future. The responsive website will be able to handle it and allow for a good experience no matter what. And in terms of scalability, a mobile responsive website can scale up or down to best fit the screens they are viewed on, which means that as the devices evolve a responsive website will always be ready to mee the new demands of the time.

Let MSEDP Upgrade Your Website To Be Mobile Friendly

At MSEDP, we have years of experience in web services and can upgrade your older website to become more mobile friendly. A responsive design ultimately allows your website content to flow freely across all screen resolutions and sizes and renders all of it to look great on any device. And it also makes it unnecessary to maintain different versions of your website for mobile and desktop versions, which saves both time and money.

When you let MSEDP upgrade your website to be mobile friendly, you will be getting a modern-looking, fast website, which is required in order to grow a business and attract new customers in 2023 and beyond. Make your online presence more solid and show to your customers how trustworthy your business is. And of course, having a fast website is one thing, but it also needs to be populated with clear and engaging content, which the SEO experts at MSEDP can write.

MSEDP is your one-stop-shop for all of your website needs! We can build your website to become mobile friendly, host it on our servers to make sure it is fast, and maintain it with our web content writing and organic search engine optimization. Get everything you need when you turn to MSEDP. Located in Deer Park, New York, we work with many local businesses on Long Island. However, we also partner with many great businesses from across the United States. Contact us today by filling out a form or give our office a call by dialing 631-761-7600. When you call, we can go over our various web services. 

At MSEDP, we can help you migrate your old site over to a brand-new WordPress site. With our expertise, we can create a custom website with all of the bells and whistles one would expect with a new WordPress site. Over the years, the popularity of WordPress has only grown. That fact is down to the many benefits you get with a website on their platform. So, if you are thinking about upgrading your website, turn to the pros at MSEDP today. We can help you with all of your website needs and build you a brand-new site using the tools afforded to us by WordPress. Let's take a look at the benefits of a WordPress migration and why it is the smart choice for many businesses.

Easy to Use

Many people consider WordPress to be the most user-friendly content management system out there. It is quick and easy to manage and does not require an extensive knowledge of coding for managing the content, which also depends on the simplicity of the builder used for the website. At MSEDP, we excel in creating user-friendly WordPress websites and allowing you to take over and easily manage the website afterwards. WordPress makes it easy for any staff to publish new posts and pages, edit some of the content, resize images and more. And your IT team will be able to effectively handle the backend, like updating the website and software when needed. Of course, the team at MSEDP is always there and can help with various tech and web services, such as content writing and cybersecurity.

WordPress DashboardLots of Customization with Plugins

There are thousands of potential plugins to use for a website on WordPress and many of them are free or fairly cheap to use. So, depending on the type of website and business you have, we can help customize the website with the perfect plugins. Some common types of plugins include ecommerce, social media integration, galleries for images, slide shows, form processing, and forums. But there are almost limitless ways you can expand and improve your website when you migrate over to a WordPress website by utilizing their plugins. With WordPress comes ultra customization, which is a great benefit for any business. You are not a slave to any old CMS. With WordPress, you have the upper hand and have many great plugins to use.

Custom Designs & Layouts

Piggybacking off of the customization with plugins, WordPress also offers many different ways to customize your website with different builders and templates. At MSEDP, our web design team can work with you to build the perfect website. A website that aligns with your aesthetic, displays your brand, and showcases your company values. As well of course as one that makes it clear what your business does and lead your audiences to your services and sales.

As long-time designers of WordPress websites, we can help you narrow down the options and land on the perfect design. We will take the time to go through many of the design options, giving you the ability to find something that you love. Not something you feel you are stuck with.

Free Elements

Using WordPress does not tie you to a CMS that requires a monthly subscription or an annual maintenance fee. Whether it is a simple security patch or a major update, other CMS platforms make you have to pay your provider to update the website. So if you currently are paying for any updates on another CMS, migrating to WordPress eliminates that needless expenditure. WordPress offers free, open-source software and there is no charge to simply exist.

Of course, a certain amount of updating is required to keep your website running well and you can choose to pay for some features, but you will not need to pay WordPress for simple updates if you do not want. However, you can pay MSEDP for hosting services. For a nominal fee we can run and manage your WordPress website. Making sure it is always updated and running at top speed, as well as being protected against malicious threats.

Great for Search Engine Optimization

The coding behind a WordPress site makes it easy for search engines to properly index all of the pages on the website. WordPress also features simple URL structures, which is an aspect that Google and other search engines like and helps with the SEO. On top of all that, there are some great plugins to help manage the SEO of the website, like Yoast and Rank Math. These plugins are simple enough for you to use on your own. However, MSEDP also offers professional SEO services to help grow your business. And migrating over to WordPress allows you to unlock these SEO benefits. With MSEDP, we can manage the SEO of your website and build out with custom content tailored to your business.

Great Scalability and Longevity

A WordPress website is highly scalable, which mean you can extend the functionality of it when you need to by adding new features. So you can start your website in one place and over the years grow it into something more by adding more features. When you migrate over to WordPress, you do not need to make these decisions all at once. If you think you might want to add ecommerce to your website you can, but you can also do it when you believe the time is right.

Did your business grow in an unexpected way? No problem! It is easy to adapt when you are using WordPress. As long as you put in sufficient hosting, your website can handle large amounts of data without it negatively impacting the performance. Continue to add pages, posts and images for as long as you want. These features allow your WordPress website to have a longevity that you could not achieve anywhere else. Grow and develop your business over time with WordPress!

Built-In Blog

In the beginning days of WordPress it was simply a place to blog, but has expanded into much more over the years since its inception. However, due to its origins, it still has excellent blogging capabilities. Blogs are great because they are a simple way to add new content to your website without needing to add different elements to the website. Blogs also keep your website fresh in the eyes of Google, which is a boon for the SEO of the website. At MSEDP, we can take on this task if you feel it is too much on your own. We will thoroughly research topics and post blogs to help keep your site active and growing in scale.

Access to Developers

Due to its continuing popularity and distribution, WordPress greatly benefits from its vast community of developers who are always looking to improve the platform. Many more developers and coders are proficient in WordPress than other CMSs, so you can always look to the community for help. And due to this large, thriving community, companies can feel confident that they are in safe hands for the future when they migrate their website to WordPress. Not only can you entrust your WordPress website to MSEDP, you can also rest easy knowing that there is a large community of developers on various tasks. Keeping the community as a whole safe.

Migrate Over to WordPress with MSEDP

Are you a business with an older website that is looking to migrate over to a newer WordPress website? The web design team at MSEDP is here to help! There are so many options at your fingertips when it comes to building on WordPress. With our guidance, we can put you on the right path to building a new WordPress website. Migrating over to WordPress offers an array of wonderful benefits. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how to get started with a WordPress migration.

The number for our office is 631-761-7600. When you call, we can go over your situation and come up with a plan of action. We will work with you to build a website that fits your budget. MSEDP is headquartered in Deer Park, New York and is proud to work with many local Long Island businesses. However, our web and IT services extend to businesses across the United States. As your managed service provider, we can be your one-stop-shop for all of your IT and web service needs.

The modern threat landscape for businesses and their cybersecurity is complex with an ever-expanding attack surface across on-premises and cloud assets. Hackers will target the weakest spots, which emphasizes the need for greater visibility, rapid detection, dependable response, and adaptive security that will evolve with the changing threat landscape. So making the right choice when it comes to cybersecurity and security information and event management (SIEM). There are many choices out there to improve your security efforts and turning to MSEDP's IT services is a decision that will go a long way.

With cybersecurity services, the main issue is how to reduce cyber risk through continuous monitoring, rapid detection, and effective remediation in a way that is both practical
and affordable. MSEDP's cybersecurity services will protect your database, while not breaking the bank. Many businesses are finding cybersecurity success with managed SIEM services
that bring together virtually the most crucial technology and expertise for visibility and mitigation. When you turn to MSEDP, these are the services you will be getting. Make the call today and start better protecting your network. The number for our office is 631-761-7600. When you call, we can present a gameplan on how to best handle your IT services and SIEM in a way that fits your budget. As a result of our conversation, we will come up with a solution that will best suit your business's needs, budget restrictions, and resource requirements.

Advantages of SIEM

When it comes to security information and event management, it is important that businesses shift their mindset from "incident response" to "continuous response." By doing so, you are assuming you will be compromised at some point and look to seek a defense against the looming threats. If you are only worrying about cybersecurity after an incident happens, then you already lost. No business is immune to a cyber-attack, which means you should prepare for one to happen. SIEM is an effective cybersecurity solution that offers continuous detection of threats. However, SIEM is challenging to deploy correctly and manage full time, which is why turning to the IT team at MSEDP is a smart decision. With our leadership at the helm, we can utilize SIEM to safeguard your data and network. Over the years, SIEM has risen due to its many great advantages, which includes the following:

Take advantage of SIEM by opting for MSEDP's IT services today. Stay ahead of the curve!

Understanding the Different SIEM Solutions

SIEM chartIt is helpful to have a common understanding of the terminology and unique differences between the approaches to security information and event management. This way you can make an even more informed decision on how to better protect your assets. Due to the advanced threats in the climate today, the requirement for more advanced resources and technology has only grown. When it comes to SIEM solutions, there are four primary options available, which are DIY SIEM Software, SIEM-as-a-Service, SOC-as-a-Service (SOCaaS), and Co-Managed SIEM. Let's take a closer look at these four options.

DIY SIEM Software

This is a do-it-yourself option that involves businesses implementing the SIEM technology themselves or leveraging open-source tools in combination to add analytics, compliance, and log storage. If this is the route a business goes, it typically requires a larger team and higher level of expertise to not only implement the solutions, but also to manage, maintain, and tune these solutions over time. SIEM is not a “set it and forget it" type of technology. It requires a hands-on approach, which is also what the team at MSEDP can provide if you think doing it yourself is too much of an ask.

SIEM-as-a-Service (SIEMaaS)

SIEM-as-a-Service is also called “cloud SIEM." This option is basically Software-as-a-Service licensed on a monthly basis and hosted, maintained, tuned, and patched to work optimally. This way you do not have to worry about the infrastructure, log storage, or system administration. However, businesses will still have the responsibility to drive it to get value out of SIEM-as-a-Service. So you will need an IT equipped to handle the SIEM solutions.

SOC-as-a-Service (SOCaaS)

With this option, you receive the SOC “function” as a service, not just the software. With this option, you will be getting a team of people to orchestrate the solutions and the processes. You will also get all of the SIEM platform/tools necessary to perform the network and endpoint threat monitoring, detection, and response for your organization. MSEDP offers SIEM and log management. In a way, you can "set it and forget it" with this option since you are leaving it with our team of dedicated professionals to handle properly. But we will be on top of it at all times and most certainly not "forget it."

Co-Managed SIEM

Co-managed SIEM is a version of SOC-as-a-Service in which businesses can play a more active role in the shared responsibility of determining and carrying out the security operations strategy. A runbook with incident response (IR) and an operating playbook typically outline the shared responsibility tailored to your organization. This is a good option for businesses with an IT team, but perhaps one that is not big enough to handle all the aspects of SIEM. MSEDP can cater to your needs and provide you with IT services that fit your budget and scale.

How To Make a Decision

In order to make a decision on the best solution for your business, document your “must-have” criteria from “nice-to-have” considerations so that you do not solve for corner cases that may add complexity and cost. Of course, the most affordable is the DIY approach, but that is also one that leaves you stranded on an island in case this is an incident you cannot handle. Turning to the IT team at MSEDP ensures that someone is always there to help. Do not hesitate to reach out to MSEDP for the best in IT solutions and Security Information Event Management (SIEM) and event log management solutions.

Why Executives Should Be Involved in Cybersecurity

It is easy to leave the cybersecurity aspects of your business to your IT team, but when the executives and higher ups get involved in the goings-on with cybersecurity, then it is a big win for the business. Having an understanding of these aspects can help make major decisions down the road. Cybersecurity is a balancing act for any business, but a business that is too conservative might overlook advancements in the field of cybersecurity. Thus, putting the whole company at risk of attack.

Here are a few reasons why cybersecurity is an executive-level issue:

By having the organizational leaders weigh in on these aspects, they can plan strategically for the business and determine what to prioritize with cybersecurity firmly in everyone's mind. It is important to emphasize the need to have these measures in place that will help any business save money and simultaneously reduce cyber risk. Keeping data and important information away from hackers and malignant attacks. At MSEDP, we ask all of our clients to carefully weigh the actual capabilities and timeline of security options that might seem on the surface to save you money, but do not fully protect you from threats. We are partners in this and we are proud to work with many businesses across the United States.

SIEM and Log Management With MSEDP

It is becoming more and more difficult to recognize breaches due to cyber attacks. Firewall and antivirus are no longer enough in this day and age since today's hackers are smarter than ever. So you need a smarter solution. MSEDP’s powerful and dynamic Security Information Event Management (SIEM) and event log management solutions keeps an eye on all of your inbound and outbound traffic. We match the packets against an ever-growing database that triggers specific events.

The right SIEM solution varies based on your goals, use cases, budget, compliance requirements, and available staff. SIEM solutions are optimized for different use cases, so one size never fits all. The wrong choice of solutions can have a long-lasting impact, be costly to maintain and support, and time consuming to tune. This is why many SIEM deployments end up abandoned. And a big reason why you should turn your Security Information Event Management (SIEM) and event log management solutions over to MSEDP. Our IT team will give you a hands-on approach that will ensure you are safeguarded against threats, as well as be able to deploy measures immediately in the case of an attack. Stay protected when MSEDP is your managed service provider. Located in Deer Park, New York, we provide our IT services for clients across the United States!

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