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COVID-19 Update: MSEDP is operational and committed to responding to the needs of our customers.
COVID-19 Update: MSEDP is operational and committed to responding to the needs of our customers.
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How To Stop Spam Emails From Taking Over Your Inbox

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How To Stop Spam Emails From Taking Over Your Inbox

June 12, 2023
By Matthew Golda

Getting inundated with spam emails is a major issue for many people. Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to stop all of the spam email you get, but there are some common ways to help slow down and reduce the number of spam emails that trickle into your inbox. If you need assistance in any way regarding your emails, get in touch with MSEDP today. We offer dependable email solutions for all types of businesses around the country. From email hosting to utilizing the cloud, our IT team can help you choose, deploy and manage the right email solutions for your business and budget.

Block Spam Email Address in Your Email List

Wholly blocking an email address will ensure that any future unsolicited message from that sender will go straight to the junk or spam folder. However, this is not a long-term solution since the sender will likely change their email address again. Thus sending you more junk mail. But what it will do is give us, your email provider, some helpful information on how to improve the filters in place and pinpoint where to stop it. When you get this unsolicited email, open it, report it as spam, and block the address. This should buy you a reprieve.

Report Suspicious Emails as Spam

Removing spam emails the manual way is very time-consuming and will not prevent that address from sending you more junk. However, reporting unwanted messages to your service provider will help us understand your issues and put the appropriate filters in place. Report every unwanted email as spam, but do so without opening the email. Opening an email from spam runs the risk of getting infiltrated by a virus or malware. Need help reporting spam emails? Let the IT team at MSEDP lead the way with Office 365. An application that makes managing your email simple and easy. Great for any sized business.

Spot The Signs of a Phishing Email

Phishing emails are one of the most common ways to entrap users with viruses and malware. These emails are getting more difficult to spot with each passing year. There are some signs to help spot these emails, which we cover in another blog post. In a nutshell, looking at email handles and content from unknown senders can be a major clue as to their validity. Spelling and grammatical errors in the subject line or body are common signs of a phishing scam. And if this email is requesting any personal information, report that email and block the sender. Never click or download any links or attachments in the email, because that is how they deploy their malware. Basically, be suspicious of any email from a weird handle or from someone you do not know.

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Unsubscribe from Unwanted Mailing Lists

If you have subscribed to different mailing lists, you will quickly see how these spam emails build up in your inbox. Some of them you may want to keep, but others you may have accidently signed up for or signed up for a purpose, like when making a purchase. When unsubscribing, it is best to go to the company's website on the off-chance that the email is a phishing scam and the purpose is to have you to click on the link and download a virus. And if the subscription is clearly spam, simply try reporting it to file it away into a junk folder hopefully never to be seen again.

Turn Off "Auto-Load" For Images in Emails

There is a setting for incoming emails to "auto-load" images within the email upon opening. When this is the case, images are downloaded automatically, which provides information to spammers that can lead to dire consequences for you. Turning this off ensures that the hackers are not getting any of your information and you are safe. Of course, if you want to download the image and know it is safe there is always that option. But having the power is important, otherwise every image gets downloaded and some may be bad!

Stop Giving Your Email Address to Websites!

There are risks involved when you are signing up for newsletters or joining a new social media site. Not only are you opening up your email address to the potential of getting spam, but you are also risking being part of a data breach. When a data breach happens, it gives the hackers all of the information they need in order to impersonate those who had data with the entity. Some people opt to have a second "burner" email address as to not inundate their primary email address with spam and the risks involved. And do not post your email address to your social media profile! That is an easy way for a hacker to add it to a list and use it in an attack effort.

Use an Alias Email Address When Signing Up For New Accounts

Using an email alias can help you keep your identity anonymous and protect your email privacy. Whenever an email is sent to the alias, you receive it in a separate section of your main email inbox, which lets you more easily manage your inbox and block any unsolicited senders. Coupling this with identity theft protection is a great way to enhance your email security and prevent scammers from infiltrating your email inbox. Get top-notch cybersecurity when you turn to MSEDP and keep your data and information safe and out of the hands of hackers!

Start Fresh with a New Email Account

Sometimes you just might be in too deep and there is no way out . . . or so you think! With a little bit of effort, you can switch all of your major accounts to a new email address and avoid the continued inundation of spam emails. When you turn to MSEDP's IT services, we can help you create a new email address and move over all of your important information and address books. And when you do, you will be utilizing our spam filters and malware protection, which will better protect your email address and data. Get the best and latest spam protection when you turn to us!

Protect Your Devices with Antivirus Software

It goes without saying that antivirus software does not 100% stop you from getting spam. However, what it does do is protect you in case you accidentally click on or download a malicious file. We offer the best and latest in antivirus software and protection. We deploy a sonic firewall that will limit any attempts at hacking and in the case of a breach will immediately alert us, so we have time to fix the issue before it grows. Stay up to date on all the latest protections when you turn to MSEDP.

Contact MSEDP Today for Dependable Email Solutions

MSEDP has years of experience helping clients with their website needs and offers a whole host of IT services to keep your data and information safe. And we will never read, sell or scan your email content for advertising purposes. Our email hosting is affordable and provides you with many crucial benefits. With MSEDP as your email provider, give your business a professional look with email @ your domain name. And as discussed in this blog, we will keep your inbox free of spam.

MSEDP is located on Long Island in Deer Park, New York. Give us a call today at 631-761-7600. When you call, we can provide you with a no-obligation consultation to go over our various IT services and how they align with your business goals. Many big companies use MSEDP, but we are also proud of the work we do with small businesses around the country. And we do more than just IT services! Get professional SEO services and website design & building by working with our elite web team. At MSEDP, we can handle every aspect of your business website and help to grow your business.

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