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COVID-19 Update: MSEDP is operational and committed to responding to the needs of our customers.
COVID-19 Update: MSEDP is operational and committed to responding to the needs of our customers.
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Improve Cybersecurity Concerns with Risk-Based Vulnerability Patching

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Improve Cybersecurity Concerns with Risk-Based Vulnerability Patching

October 28, 2022
By Matthew Golda

The number of threats out there putting you and your network at risk is higher than ever and more complex. These malicious attackers are becoming more creative in how they attack and break into networks. Whether it is through phishing, malicious websites, emails, or links to videos, cybercriminals know exactly what type of information they need and the best ways to get it. Which makes the practicing of cybersecurity services all the more important. In a perfect world, software developers would discover every single vulnerability while creating their product. Then fixing the issue before a release to the community. But we do not live in a perfect world, so these are risks that everyone has to protect themselves from. And you do that by using the latest in cybersecurity technology.

When you turn to MSEDP, you will be getting the best cybersecurity services for your money. Protect yourself with top-of-the-line cybersecurity technology. One of the ways we do this is with risk-based vulnerability patching. Risk-based vulnerability patching is a great way to protect your network and keep your data safe. Get in touch with MSEDP today to learn more about how we can be your managed cybersecurity provider.

The number for our office is 631-761-7600. When you call, we can provide you with more details about our cybersecurity services and our IT services in general. As a leading MSP on Long Island too, we can handle all aspects regarding your website. You are in good hands when you turn to MSEDP! A Long Island leader in cybersecurity.

What Is Risk-Based Vulnerability Patching

Vulnerability patching is simply the process of fixing vulnerabilities within software. A pretty straightforward concept that typically involves the developer of the software discovering the vulnerability and then fixing it before an official release. Vulnerability patching also refers to the updating of an operating system or other software with the hopes of fixing any discovered vulnerabilities. So, to fix the issue, software or network providers need to make a vulnerability patch. Users can regularly check whether any patches are available for their system. Then install those updates as soon as possible after the release.

Since MSEDP offers top-of-the-line IT and cybersecurity services, we can stay on top of these aspects, so you do not have to. It can be very difficult to run a business and manage some important aspects of your website. Perhaps you have an in-house IT team, but if you do not, then turning to MSEDP allows for professional care an attention to your IT and cybersecurity needs. Leave the computer stuff to us! We will make sure that your network is not compromised by utilizing the latest in cybersecurity services and implementing those updates.

Cyber security Why Risk-Based Vulnerability Patching is the Solution

Since the landscape of threats for cyber-attacks is every-growing and complex, it is impossible to patch every single vulnerability in your software before any release. If a developer does miss a vulnerability, someone can file a report after the discovery. But this means that the vulnerability can exist in your software for months, or even years, before there is a report and a fix. During this time, malicious actors can discover the vulnerability and exploit it with great precision.

All of this leads to more importance with your cybersecurity services and the overall protection of your network. And makes the importance of sound risk-based decision making even greater than before. When the decision is made for risk-based vulnerability patching, it is important to understand three things: the risk of vulnerability, the discovery date of the vulnerability, and the release date of the fix.

The Risk of Vulnerability

If a vulnerability is very easy to exploit, then it is likely that the discovery has been made. But if a vulnerability has been discovered, there is no real way of knowing when a fix is going to be complete. In fact, the vulnerability may have been published online by the malicious actors themselves. Which means it may be included in hacking tools, such as ransomware, malware, and trojans. With MSEDP by your side though, you will have firewall protection that alerts you of these vulnerabilities and keeps your network safe from hackers.

The Discovery Date of the Vulnerability

If a vulnerability has been reported, but has not been confirmed and fixed, then exploitation by hackers is likely. The longer the vulnerability remains unpatched, the higher the risk for exploitation. Leaving you and your network open to malicious attacks by hackers. Our IT team is constantly on these issues and will implement changes to keep your network and data safe from any vulnerabilities.

The Release Date of the Fix

If there is a release to fix the vulnerability, then you should apply it as soon as possible. By having MSEDP as your managed service provider, we make these updates in a timely fashion. Ensuring your protection from malicious intent.

How Does Risk-Based Vulnerability Patching Work

If you do not have a clear strategy for deciding which vulnerabilities to fix and when, then you are risking the chance of leaving some vulnerabilities unpatched for too long. Which, of course, leaves your systems vulnerable to malicious attacks. By having MSEDP as your managed cyber security provider, you can rest assured that we are on top of these issues for you. And have the means to assess these vulnerabilities as they present themselves. When it comes to implementing risk-based vulnerability patching, there are three steps:

  1. Identify the vulnerabilities in the software.
  2. Understand the risk associated with the vulnerabilities.
  3. Decide which ones to fix and when to fix them.

Aside from the very obvious dangers of malicious attacks, there are also other reasons why you should implement risk-based vulnerability patching. MSEDP can help you make these decisions or simply make the decisions for you. We have years of experience as an IT service provider and know how to effectively handle these issues. If a vulnerability has a low-risk association and there is no report, then there is no pressing need to fix it. The malicious actors likely will not waste their time trying to exploit something difficult.

By understanding the risks, we make sure to handle the most pressing updates quickly. With every update and patch, we follow all guidelines and regulations to keep your network and software up and running. But by implementing risk-based vulnerability patching, we can manage the complexities of your cybersecurity issues by protecting you and your business from the more pressing malicious attacks that make themselves present. By working with MSEDP's cybersecurity team, you will be getting the care and attention you deserve. We will go above and beyond to make sure that your cybersecurity needs are meet at all times.

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