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COVID-19 Update: MSEDP is operational and committed to responding to the needs of our customers.
COVID-19 Update: MSEDP is operational and committed to responding to the needs of our customers.
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Why Netsurion EventTracker is the Smart Choice for Cybersecurity

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Why Netsurion EventTracker is the Smart Choice for Cybersecurity

April 11, 2023
By Matthew Golda

When you turn to MSEDP for your IT services, you are in safe hands. One of the big reasons is the fact that you will be entrusted with Netsurion EventTracker, leaders in cybersecurity. With Netsurion, you get end-to-end managed threat protection, which aids in the protection of your data and your network. Comprehensive cybersecurity is comprised of a few different elements that, together, create a seamless protection. Here are those four aspects that make up these cybersecurity elements:

  • The ability to predict future threats.
  • Prevention of more threats before they occur.
  • Immediate detection of current threats.
  • Simultaneous response to ongoing attacks.

Predicting attacks means we need to understand your attack surface and efficiently manage vulnerabilities. Prevention entails stopping more ransomware and malware attacks before they execute. However, nothing is 100% secure, which is why the plans to detect and respond immediately are crucial and lead to little downtime and no loss of data. Post breach, we will catch suspicious behavior and correlate advanced attacker techniques using Netsurion EventTracker. And respond by quickly resolving security incidents and compliance issues. With Netsurion EventTracker, you are getting top-of-the-line protection and the utilization of the latest in data protection.

Netsurion Essentials

With Netsurion, you get turnkey managed threat protection that is built for small businesses and their websites. When your turn to MSEDP, we can simplify cybersecurity with a complete managed security plan by utilizing the essentials that Netsurion provides us. We can predict, prevent, detect and respond to threats across your network. By properly implementing Netsurion, we are able to fight through the noise of millions of events and incidents and track only the most vital ones. We do this with the automation and orchestration from Netsurion Essentials and protect the data and assets of your data. Let MSEDP handle your cybersecurity services and we will optimize your time and priorities with comprehensive reports, dashboards, and compliance insights.

Let's take a look at more of the features of Netsurion EventTracker and why it is the smart choice for many small businesses when it comes to effective cybersecurity services.


  • Secure and centralized management.
  • 400 day log archives available.
  • Threat dashboard for easy access and use.
  • Comprehensive threat intelligence sources.
  • Insider threat protection.

Monitoring & Alerts

  • Cloud-hosted SIEM.
  • 24/7 monitoring of your networks.
  • Daily security report for updates on you network.
  • Detect file modifications (FIM).
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for secure access.
  • Minimize false positives due to advanced technology.

Detection & Response

  • Prioritize vulnerabilities to limit crucial attacks.
  • Predict unknown threats using advanced systems.
  • Host-based IDS (HIDS).
  • Incident response (IR) support.
  • Zero-time prevention to ensure little to no loss of data in case of breach.

Compliance Reports

  • GDPR
  • NIST 800-171

Netsurion Managed Open XDR is a recognized, award-winning platform that is made for multi-tenant environments. And we at MSEDP are proud to utilize their features to supplement our cybersecurity services.

Zero-Time Endpoint Protection with Netsurion

Netsurion Managed Endpoint Security combines deep learning and a predictive threat protection solution under a single 24/7 system. By combining artificial intelligence and the human touch, we are better able to prevent and block advanced threats with the broadest attack surface protection against 100 file types. With Netsurion on your side, you enable stronger yet simpler cybersecurity against Zero-day threats, ransomware, APTs, and file-less attacks with unmatched accuracy and speed. This protection stays in place when devices are offline, too, so there is no time when you are at a loss of protection.

Advanced Vulnerability Management

Continuous vulnerability management is at the foundation of proactive cybersecurity services, which is what you will get with MSEDP and their partnership with Netsurion. With our cybersecurity services, you will be moving beyond compliance and reactive measures like firewalls to address advanced threats. Ensuring better protection for your systems. Elite vulnerability assessment begins with understanding your risk profile and identifying your network’s vulnerable systems. Netsurion is the complete package when it comes to top-of-the-line protection from vulnerabilities and threats. Simplify your day-to-day vulnerability detection by using MSEDP as your managed service provider, where we can pinpoint gaps and prioritize the quickest solutions.

Sample Alerts and Reports

When you opt to go with MSEDP, a provider of Netsurion EventTracker, you will get out-of-the-box reports for firewalls, Microsoft 365 and windows, and other devices. Ensuring you stay protected. Here are some sample alerts and reports you will get that will alert you of your network systems. And give you peace of mind at your safety and protection from threats.

Critical Threats

Some of the common critical threats include the following.

  • Terminating processes with unsafe or low reputation IP addresses.
  • There is a potential breach from low reputation IP addresses.
  • Detection of an anomalous login and the subsequent blocking of the login.

High Risk Activity

High risk activity includes the following.

  • The clearing of the Windows audit log.
  • Notification of users added to domain admin or local admin group.
  • Detection of Active Directory Enumeration attempt.
  • Suspicious lateral network movement.

Suspicious Activity

When there is suspicious activity, you will get notified of the following.

  • When a new TCP port starts listening.
  • Change in the Active Directory group policy.
  • The successful login of an admin remotely.
  • Insertion of external media.
  • New Windows audit policy and account management activity.
  • Installation of new Windows software.
  • New Windows user location affinity.
  • PowerShell begins to run suspicious commands.
  • There is activity with an unusual IP address.
  • When a user account is added, deleted, or disabled.
  • Detection of a suspicious exploit tool.

Contact MSEDP Today For Netsurion EventTracker Cybersecurity

MSEDP is located on Long Island and handles cybersecurity and IT services for websites across the United States. We help keep your network secure and your data safe. And we do this by entrusting some of the best and latest technology available to us. We are an authorized partner of Netsurion EventTracker, which allows us to provide our customers with the best cybersecurity services possible. Please contact us today for more information. When you reach out, we can further discuss the types of cybersecurity services you require.

The number of our office is 631-761-7600. When you call, we can provide you with a no-obligation consultation to go over the various IT packages available. We are flexible and have packages that can meet any budget, while not compromising on safety. Learn more about our managed services and why they might be right for you! With our security services at your side, you get protection via vulnerability scans, SIEM and log management, and being compliant with regulations. As well as added protection with firewalls and malware with 24/7 monitoring. Make the switch to MSEDP today and start getting better protected.

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