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COVID-19 Update: MSEDP is operational and committed to responding to the needs of our customers.
COVID-19 Update: MSEDP is operational and committed to responding to the needs of our customers.
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Cloud Computing for 2024

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Cloud Computing for 2024

November 29, 2023
By Matthew Golda

As we head into 2024, Cloud computing is an element that simply no business can no longer ignore. The overall benefits of cloud computing have been making a huge impact for years now as the way people work has adapted with more and more companies and businesses adopting cloud technology and a remote workplace. With cloud computing, everyone at the company has access to the same internet-based platforms, data storage and applications remotely. Leading to more productivity and efficiency as a result. Capable cloud infrastructures allow companies to operate and collaborate on the go without the need to always be working from the same geographical location. For example, MSEDP utilizes cloud-based services and it has allowed our company to grow, while maintaining efficiency and security.

15 Benefits of Cloud Computing For Your Business

If you are looking to upgrade your IT services, then please get in touch with us today. Our cloud computing services can help you ring in 2024 in style. Many companies and businesses are often hesitant to fully transition to cloud computing services, but with the help of MSEDP we can ease that transition and ensure all security aspects are in place. Let's take a closer look at some common cloud computing benefits for the year 2024 and beyond and how they can be incorporated into your business strategy.

Save Money & Time

Accessing your company data via the cloud can save you both time and money. Pretty sweet, huh? It is an affordable way to save money on server space and does not require you to purchase and maintain any hardware. And it eliminates the need to invest in utilities, facilities, and larger office spaces in order to accommodate a growing business. And with our cloud computing services, you do not need to hire a full IT staff, as we can ably do it for you from our location and a price point that meets your budget. On top of all that, there is rarely any downtime for issues, which makes any company more efficient without lost time for recovery.

Faster Scalability & Adaptability

There is great flexibility when you opt for a cloud environment that takes care of all your computer and data storage needs, hosting, IT infrastructure. What this does is offer you more flexibility and freedom in your day-to-day operations than when you rely on local servers for hosting. With the cloud, you do not have to use human resources or build more in-office infrastructure. Instead, you can focus on the daily goals and the needs of your customer. And it raises the scalability of your business, since when you grow you simply need more space in the cloud and not locally. Allowing any business to grow faster and easier without the need to find more space.

Centralized Security

The cloud host uses a bolstered security system in order to protect users from a data breach, theft, and any unauthorized access 24/7 and does so more efficiently than a conventional in-house system. Cloud systems have some powerful features that include access management through specific roles and permissions. Together, these functionalities will limit access to any sensitive company information to specified employees who need them for business purposes. When you turn to MSEDP for professional cloud services, you will have your data securely handled and stored. Leaving less of a risk from malicious attacks and easing any worries you may have regarding putting sensitive information into the cloud.

Disaster Recovery

Another way to ease worries is with the ease and speed of disaster recovery when it comes to cloud computing, which allows for the preparation for emergencies and is able to deliver efficient data recovery solutions. Cloud services are equipped with customizable programs in order to aid and anticipate potential issues and system failures, such as power outages and natural disasters. Disaster recovery is one of the key aspects of any IT service and MSEDP can help set you up.

Loss Prevention & Easy Data Backup

Without investing in cloud services, all of the essential data stays on an office computer. On the surface, this is okay and has been a mode of operation for years. However, this sort of action poses a significant issue that can hurt your business should a hacking or phishing scam take place. Or a simple malfunction can occur, wiping away important information never to be seen again. On top of that, there is also the risk of the machine itself being stolen. But when you upload data into a cloud-based server, it is safe from viruses and malware. The backup data recovery systems from MSEDP are state-of-the-art and all of your information is kept securely within our servers and can be quickly restored in case of an issue.

Easy Accessibility

When you have a cloud-based service, employees can access the data anywhere simply from their smartphones or devices. So everyone is always just a click away from the information and being kept in the loop. And it enables critical updates and communication to go through, despite any distance between employees. When you have easy access to the information, everyone becomes more efficient and productive.

Gain a Competitive Edge

You can gain a competitive edge over your competition by fully utilizing cloud services to improve your operations. Cloud computing improves collaboration and communication between employees and can simplify workflow, while also automating procedures and leading to a more effective use of resources. On top of all that, cloud-based analytics and insights can help you make smarter business decisions by thoroughly improving your understanding of your consumer base and the various marketplaces. As a result, you can stay one step ahead of your competition and experience better growth and efficiency.

Cloud vs Local backupImproved Quality Control

With the cloud, everyone on the team has access to the same consistently formatted documents and reports. All in one easy-to-find place. What this does is improve quality control, because employees do not need to save files in different versions, which may lead to confusion down the road and potentially a lack of professionalism. Better quality control helps avoid human error, too, while still tracking updates and revisions.

Easier to Collaborate with Coworkers

Cloud computing simplifies working together. Employees from different teams can read and share information securely and seamlessly on cloud-based platforms, like Microsoft 365. Certain cloud services have special spaces, too, for chatting and banter, like Microsoft Teams, which helps boost employee engagement and subsequently their happiness. When working together is easier, the whole business thrives.

Auto Updates for Software

Cloud applications will automatically refresh and install updates, which saves time and energy manually handling it. Or even forgetting to update and leaving yourself vulnerable to hacking due to an aspect of your security not being up to par. When you make MSEDP your MSP, we will make sure all auto updates run smoothly and on-time, so all you need to do is handle what you do best.

More Flexibility

When you have professional cloud computing at your side, you can quickly adjust your storage and processing power in order to better suit your current needs. There is no need to buy expensive on-premises technology that will not be used on a regular basis and will eventually need to be replaced. Instead, you can scale up or down with ease depending on your resources with the cloud. This enables a more efficient working environment and more flexibility when it comes to changes in demand. And ultimately, this flexibility leads to a cost reduction and better resource management.

Higher Business Value

With cloud services on your side, you can experience faster marketing and improved service capacities. How? Well, cloud computing fortifies your resilience in the field and can help you speed up the reinvention of your business model and plans when you need it. The cloud can also support a streamlined digital consumer journey. When you opt for cloud infrastructure, you can commit more time to innovation and expanding your business since you no longer will need to spend time handling old issues. Streamline your time for other vital areas of your business, such as customer service and marketing. And you will see a higher return on investment when you make the switch to cloud services.

Sustainability Solutions

Did you know that cloud computing is considered a "green solution?" So, when you opt to move to cloud computing, you are doing your small part to help the environment. It is a green solution because it decreases commuter-related carbon footprints and emissions while allowing accessibility from anywhere. And leads to companies and businesses using less space to work. Ultimately, cloud services lower energy consumption and encourages a "greener" lifestyle.

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