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COVID-19 Update: MSEDP is operational and committed to responding to the needs of our customers.
COVID-19 Update: MSEDP is operational and committed to responding to the needs of our customers.
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Cybersecurity Visibility and Your Risk

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Cybersecurity Visibility and Your Risk

February 6, 2023
By Matthew Golda

When you turn to the cybersecurity services of MSEDP, we will eliminate blind spots with holistic endpoint coverage. Low cyber security visibility comes at a cost and what you see is what you get. With our cybersecurity services, you avoid limitations and unnecessary risk due to the installation of Netsurion Managed Open XDR sensors working across every endpoint. Without this sort of holistic visibility, you are susceptible to blind spots and a limiting of full protection. Increasing the possibility a cyber-attack doing damage.

MSEDP provides professional cyber security services with manageable custom packages. So you only pay for what you need. For more information about the cybersecurity services available from MSEDP, please reach out to us today. Make the smart choice as choose MSEDP as your managed service provider. We are located on Long Island, New York, but provide cybersecurity services to web clients across the United States!

Security Coverage is Critical

Oftentimes, a data breach can take over 100 days to detect and cost thousands, if not millions, of dollars. However, with comprehensive visibility and real-time analysis of devices and applications, MSEDP can provide you with an early warning of cybersecurity threats before any damage occurs. If you do not deploy security sensors across all of your attack surface, then you may be leading dangerous security gaps that leave you vulnerable to breaches. With our services, get 24/7 cybersecurity services that will ably sniff out threats before they do major damage. All with quick recovery time, too. Didi you know:

  • 70% of cybersecurity threats start on endpoint devices like laptops.
  • 62% of security professionals do not know where the sensitive company data is stored.
  • 42% of all endpoints and workstations remain unprotected at any given time.

No matter how well protected you may be, there is always opportunity for growth and gain with your cybersecurity standards. And we here at MSEDP will meet the latest standards and certifications, including utilizing the best in firewall and malware protection. What level of risk are you willing to take when your data is at stake? Leave nothing to chance by turning to MSEDP. Elite tech support, all at an affordable price.

cyber security linked aspectsChallenges That Reduce Visibility

The attack surface for cyber criminals to exploit has expanded over these last few years. From the every-changing digital transformation to remote working, there are more opportunities for cyber-attacks than ever before. Which means the need for protection is at an all-time high. Legacy tools are becoming insufficient with each passing day and have more difficulty protecting against sophisticated and coordinated threats as opposed to the new technology that MSEDP can deploy on your behalf.

Logs, like threat detection, intrusion detection, compliance, network security, insider vulnerabilities, and supply chain risks are a crucial source of insight for our security analytics. Almost all workstations, applications, and devices produce logs. Depending on the size of your company, you may generate millions of logs on a daily basis. A number too high for manual review and correlation, which is why IT and cybersecurity services are even more crucial to your day-to-day safety than before.

Running a business is a lot of effort and coordination, which is why leaving your cybersecurity to MSEDP is the smart choice. Aspects can be forgotten or left behind if not careful, leaving you with only partial cybersecurity. But with MSEDP, we will make sure you are fully protected 24/7.

Some common challenges to keeping your logs without professional help include:

  • Traditional security products, like anti-virus software, may likely not be enough against the best cyber attackers.
  • A lack of comprehensive visibility for all devices and workstations and only focusing on core firewall or server security.
  • Sensor implementations that stop prematurely or deployments that are not completed.

From remote tech support to helping you host your own devices, MSEDP's flexible cyber security packaging allows you to choose what is right for you. Get the protection you need with the flexible cybersecurity and IT packaging from MSEDP.

Full Visibility Should Not Be Challenging

Full visibility with your cybersecurity should not be a challenge, but for many businesses it is. MSEDP is here to help those struggling with full visibility get the cybersecurity they are looking for. Many businesses believe that a heavy investment in software and staff is the right answer, but a simple smart solution is out there. As Long Island MSPs, we enable the consolidated view that better correlates threats in real-time and reduces incidents. Keeping your threats at bay.

Many businesses are aware of the growing cybersecurity risks, but are not able to handle the threats properly. As your managed service provider, we will make hyper-focused decisions based on your day-to-day operations and putting out any small fires that emerge. Ending whatever threats are lurking before they make a major impact.

Here are three levels of visibility you can achieve with the cybersecurity services of MSEDP.

  • Entry-level visibility: monitoring core devices like firewalls and servers
  • Better visibility: monitoring on-network endpoints like laptops and workstations.
  • Ideal visibility: monitoring all core devices such as firewalls and servers, as well as workstations, especially remote.

NOW Is The Time for Better Security Coverage

At MSEDP, we deploy layered security defenses in order to rapidly mitigate threats posed by persistent and well-funded cyber criminals. And all cybersecurity services are custom to the network and system. Taking into account the differences and obstacles that each client presents. We know each job is different, but we use our experience to combat the negative impacts of cyber-attacks.

Oftentimes, the first tactic used by cyber criminals is to perform research against a network. During this reconnaissance, these cyber criminals are looking for security holes like unpatched vulnerabilities or configuration errors. But with the expanded grasp of our cybersecurity services, we can protect you from these threats with 24/7 monitoring and making it difficult to achieve dangerous results from attacks. We do this by utilizing Netsurion sensors, which will protect all servers and laptops. These lightweight agents monitor and protect all devices, even when they are not connected to a network.

With Netsurion’s holistic coverage through MSEDP, you can:

  • Reduce wasted IT time and money by having everything you need with MSEDP.
  • Minimize threat detection time, because every minute matters!
  • Decrease the potential for a successful hack.
  • Utilize existing team resources better.
  • Consolidate point product into a platform approach.

As a business, you can take crucial steps in order to minimize cybersecurity risks, enhance overall compliance, and eliminate visibility gaps without breaking the bank. All easy to implement with the IT team at MSEDP. Get holistic visibility to help predict, prevent, detect, and respond to incidents faster.

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