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COVID-19 Update: MSEDP is operational and committed to responding to the needs of our customers.
COVID-19 Update: MSEDP is operational and committed to responding to the needs of our customers.
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Top 10 Cybersecurity Tips For 2023

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Top 10 Cybersecurity Tips For 2023

January 9, 2023
By Matthew Golda

MSEDP offers professional cybersecurity services for all web clients. Get everything you need to keep your website and business safe from hackers and online threats with our managed service plans. With each passing year, cyber security threats increase as hackers and malware adapt. So it is important to stay on top of the latest risks by utilizing the best tools possible. Of course, there is no guaranteed way to prevent cyber-attacks, unfortunately, but having MSEDP on your side goes a long way. Both in limiting the prevention of cyber-attacks and quickly fighting issues if they arise. With MSEDP's IT services, you will have a team with years of experience helping you navigate the online terrain. And keeping your website, business and data as safe as possible.

On top of turning to MSEDP for the best and latest in the field of cybersecurity, you can follow these 10 tips to improve your cybersecurity. If you have any questions about our cybersecurity services and our managed services, please call 631-761-7600 today. When you call, we will happily answer any questions you may have, as well as go over our maintenance packages. Get cybersecurity with managed IT when you turn to MSEDP!

Back Up Your Data

Whenever you have the opportunity, back up your data. This way if you are the target of a cyber-attack, you will not lose any data despite not being able to access your computer, phone or devices. You can back up your data by getting an external hard drive for an offline backup or utilize a cloud-based service, like you would if you turned to MSEDP. Cloud backup is a safe way to keep your data safe. Backing up your data regularly, like every week, ensures that you keep your data despite cyber threats. And in the case of attack, you are not at a catastrophic loss.

Antivirus Software & Vulnerability Scans

As a trusted Long Island msp, we can install antivirus software while utilizing the latest in vulnerability scans to ensure everything is working properly. Our antivirus software helps to detect and remove malware and viruses from your system. We also monitor your systems 24/7 with our vulnerability scans, so we will detect any issues that arise in your system. The sooner we are aware of the issue, the sooner we can fix it. Our IT department uses the best and latest in cybersecurity technology to combat hackers and malware and have years of experience in this field. Our tech team will work with you to ensure your system's safety. And keep you apprised of any changes, as well as offer recommendations to help.

Keep Devices, Hardware & Apps Up to Date

It is one of those simple, yet often overlooked aspects of cybersecurity: keeping apps, hardware and devices up to date. Updates in this realm are not just about adding new features. These updates are often about fixing vulnerabilities in a device or app that attackers may use to hack into your system. As well as upgrading the security for the app or device. Ignoring these updates for too long can result in serious consequences.

When you turn to MSEDP, we track and update your devices for you, so you do not have to think about it. And if you have a device that cannot get updates anymore, we recommend upgrading the device. Same goes for your hardware. Our IT team can help you select the best and latest hardware and devices that are ready for 2023 and beyond! And for your apps, set those to update automatically and remove any apps you do not use.

Use Secure File-Sharing to Encrypt Data & VPNs to Privatize Connections

cybersecurity factorsIf you are regularly sharing confidential information, then we highly recommend using a secure file-sharing solution. Because this is the sort of information that attracts hackers and malware the most. Regular email is not meant for exchanging sensitive information, because if those emails are intercepted, then unauthorized users can gain access to your data. Using a secure file-sharing solution means your data is automatically encrypted, so you do not have to worry about a data breach. We follow various data encryption standards to ensure the full safety of the websites we manage. One extra step for protection is the use of a VPN. A VPN will encrypt your connection and protect your private information even further.

Choose Unique Passwords

You will be shocked to find out that many clients, before using our services, simply used the same passwords over and over again. This is a big no-no! If one password is hacked, then they are all susceptible to infiltration. When you turn to MSEDP, we help you create unique passwords for each account. Ensuring that if you are the target of a cyber-attack, the hacker or malware will have a difficult time cracking it since we use software to create random passwords. And if they crack one, it will not give them access to any other account. We act as a password manager, in a way, helping to keep your system and devices safe. Do not let your system get hacked because you had easy passwords to crack!

Use Two-Factor Authentication

Another way MSEDP protects clients from hacking is through two-factor authentication. By doing so, you can have a code sent or generated on your device that authenticates who you are each time you log in. So, even if someone gets access to your password, they do not have access to your phone or device that receives the code. Limiting how a hacker can gain access to an account. Using two-factor authentication is a simple and easy way to protect against cyber-attacks. And you do not need to use the hurdle for all accounts. Keeping it to the most important ones is also a great way to stay safe.

Check For Suspecting Phishing Scams

Scams, frauds and phishing emails are common ways to trick people into giving away their personal information or financial details. These endeavors often pretend to be legitimate businesses in an attempt to gain your trust. So it is important to be aware of these types of tricks and attempt to decipher what is not genuine. Do not give out your personal information to anyone unless you know who is asking and why they are asking it. At MSEDP, we have software to help with phishing scams via email. Notifying you what is spam and what is legitimate. But even with this protection, stop and check before replying or even opening any suspicious email. And check all links before clicking on them to make sure they are also legitimate. It is a good habit to form. And if you are not sure of the validity of the request, pick up the phone and call if you can. This way you can personally authorize the request.

Avoid Using Public Wi-Fi

When you connect to a public network, you are sharing the network with everyone who is connected. So, any information you send or retrieve on the network is vulnerable. We recommend staying away from public networks and using their Wi-Fi when you can. If you do have to use a public network, connect via a VPN or at the very least avoid sensitive transactions, such as online shopping or online banking. By avoiding these situations, you are maintaining your security.

Be On Alert with Social Media

Every time you post on social media, whether it is Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, it is an opportunity for someone to steal your identity. These personal posts give cyber criminals the opportunity to get the information they need to access your data or steal your identity. In order to limit this impact, you can check the privacy controls so your friends and family can only see your full details. And the same tip about passwords applies here, where you want to have passwords that are not obvious in order to protect your account.

Check Bank Statements

This falls out of the realm of our IT services, but we recommend keeping an eye on your bank statements. Because oftentimes red flags can be found via suspicious activity or fraudulent purchases and be a precursor to a hack. If you see unusual activity, please contact your bank immediately. You can get ahead of the attack by being aware of this issue. And also check your credit card statements as well, because all of this information is tied. Getting one piece can lead to a larger theft. Also, getting a credit check can help and will let you see if anyone else gets access to them. Getting a credit check will let you see if anyone's using your personal details to get loans or credit for a big purchase. So, keeping an eye on your credit record can alert you to unauthorized activity sooner.

Bonus: Invest in Cyber Upgrades

Now that we went through 10 helpful tips to improve your cyber security, we have one more bonus tip: invest in upgrades. When there is an opportunity to upgrade a system or anything pertaining to cyber security, we recommend following through on it. The cost up front to pay for more security and improved upgrades outweighs the potential damage of being hacked down the road. At MSEDP, we understand how money can be tight, which is why we offer maintenance packages that are affordable. We do this by tailoring these packages to the individual, because not all aspects apply to everyone. Get in touch with MSEDP today to learn more about how you can improve your cyber security in 2023!

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