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COVID-19 Update: MSEDP is operational and committed to responding to the needs of our customers.
COVID-19 Update: MSEDP is operational and committed to responding to the needs of our customers.
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What to do Before, During & After Cyber Attacks

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What to do Before, During & After Cyber Attacks

November 29, 2022
By Matthew Golda

MSEDP's IT team excels at protecting your website and your data with the best in cybersecurity services. So, if you are worried about a potential attack, then entrusting your data, devices and network to MSEDP's IT team will ensure you are in the best position possible. We help our clients with all aspects in regard to a cyber security attack or malicious threat. Our IT services come in handy before a cyber-attack, during a cyber-attack, or even after a cyber-attack occurs. Even with the best and latest in technology, cyber-attacks are still possible. These criminals are always looking for the upper hand, but it is our job to make sure we are on par with what is happening in the environment. And putting those protections in place for all of our clients.

Are You Ready If You Fall Victim To A Cybersecurity Attack?

The main challenge for any small business is the changing technology for cyber-attacks. You need to protect your network, devices and data to stand up against all of the latest threats. How can you do that? By turning to a trusted IT team like the one at MSEDP! We are located in Deer Park, New York and work with clients from across the country.

If you have a small business website, then you need cost effective threat remediation and a security solution that is scalable, smart and supports standard policies and controls. Which is what you get when you turn to the ELITE IT cybersecurity team at MSEDP. Get affordable plans that will fit any budget. Turn to an effective solution with our handling of your network, devices and data. And rest easy knowing that you have the best team on your side.

Before a Cyber Attack

There are three key words to help plan for what happens before a cyber-attack: discover, enforce, and harden. Discover applies to the fact that you need to know, or discover, your network in order to properly defend it. With our years of experience in this field, we can effectively handle your network by knowing the ins and outs of it. We have software that will discover the vulnerabilities in your devices and applications and apply secure configurations that will reduce your attack surface. Protecting you from many cyber threats out there.

With our vulnerability assessment scans, we will help you avoid attack by identifying vulnerable systems and versions. And provide detailed recommendations on quick remediation and fixes to get you properly protected. We will enforce systems based on the readouts of the scans and apply them to keep your system safe. Ensuring any liabilities are being met with solutions.

Our software will also compare your existing configurations to others in an assurance that everything is up-to-date and harden your overall network security. A secure configuration is an economical method that reduces the attack surface and improves your system overall. Protecting your further from a potential attack.

During an Attack

cybersecurity factorsDuring a cyber-attack, it is important to detect, block and defend from malicious software. The threats out there are numerous and advanced malware is always a problem. We utilize the best firewalls that can quickly detect an attack in progress and identify malicious activity currently on your network. Our top-of-the-line threat intelligence feeds will quickly detect and alert on unknown processes or low reputation endpoints that are interacting with assets inside the network. This is important, because a quick detection means you can quickly deploy preventative methods to block further attacks. But without detection, then the attack can go unnoticed.

With our cybersecurity services, we can help during an attack by then blocking the attack by removing the unauthorized network user. This blocking will limit any similar attacks from occurring and shoring up your network security.

Once we block the malicious infraction, our software can then ably defend any further attacks. Limiting the damage and ensuring future safety. Have an IT team that works for YOU during a cyber-attack and get solution to protect your network.

After a Cybersecurity Attack

So, the worst has already happened. Now what? A few simple words: scope, contain and remediate. Perfect protection simply does not exist, therefore elite monitoring services is paramount to protecting your data, devices and network. After a security breach happens, the first step is to determine the scope of the damage. This way we can understand what is compromised and how far the threat goes. Once we know the scope, we move to containing the attack and limiting its damage. Lastly, we remediate the network and return operations back to normal.

MSEDP offers the best in cybersecurity protection and many small businesses across the country turn to us for our IT services. With our services, we quickly record all actions taken and results from the analysis of the scan. Data protection and privacy is a must in today's digital landscape. If you were a victim of a cyber-attack, then take the steps to prevent it from happening again.

Get SIEM & Log Management With MSEDP

When you turn to MSEDP, you will be getting the best IT and cybersecurity services for your money. We make fighting cyber-attacks affordable. For the best protection, firewall and antivirus is no longer enough. With MSEDP on your side, you will have our powerful and dynamic Security Information Event Management (SIEM) and event log management solutions on your side. What this does is track all of your inbound and outbound traffic, keeping your data, devices and network safe from a cyber attack. We match the packets against an ever-growing database that triggers special events. All of this enables us to protect your website.

For more information about our cybersecurity services, please fill out a contact form. You can also give our office a call by dialing 631-761-7600. When you call, we can have a full discussion about how our cybersecurity services can help keep your information safe. Make MSEDP your MSP today! Get cybersecurity management that works for you!


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